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Visiting the latest edition.


I went to visit the latest edition and toddler Sam today at my sisters.

My mom wanted to come to so I picked her up halfway and she took this photo.

I love this shot.

Man, he grows so fast.

But luckily I can still easily lift him.

I better keep working out though because at this rate I soon won't.

He's a great little guy.

He smiles a lot unless he's hungry or tired.

I can relate or maybe Bianca can relate more.


His hands are still very small.

But he can squeeze pretty hard with his little fingers when he tries.

Probably got that from his dad that likes to rock climb.

I think he will be strong.

I had a small victory, maybe on par with beating Ninja Gaiden on the NES, I changed his diaper with the two experts watching my every move.

There was no diaper explosion (I would have passed) just pee.

I failed at the first diaper because I tore off the little sticky thing on the side when I was trying to secure the thing.

I opted for duct tape....but no...

With a bit more care I tried again with a second diaper and succeeded to secure it.

I was proud...although my sister did a pre-flight check before putting on his clothes and made some adjustments to the diaper so fast that I'm not sure if it would have held with just my work.

O well...I might get it right some day.

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