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Powerup Statistics #25 - Nov 6th - Nov 19th

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Every two weeks or so I like to compare the current power-up statistics and see how we stand.

Here they are:

6 November 2019

STEEM Amount
STEEMPOWER 208,0 million
LIQUID STEEM 122,4 million
SBD 7,4 million

Virtual Supply ≈ 367,157,866 STEEM

19 November 2019

STEEM Amount
STEEMPOWER 208,0 million (+0 million)
LIQUID STEEM 123,7 million (+1,3 million)
SBD 7,4 million (0 million)

Virtual Supply ≈ 368,524,166 STEEM

For the first time in months, the amount of STEEMPOWER has not grown.

I was surprised by that so I did some digging.

There are currently some big names powering down here.

That adds a lot of pressure to the STEEMPOWER number.

I guess (I'm not sure) many are becoming STEEM tired.

To see your investment go down every single day, it's just not easy.

And most easy (automated) high ROI options have been taken down to offset those losses.

Nowadays, it takes a lot more effort to make that SP work for a holder then before or one simply has to settle for less (automated) ROI.

(It also means that STEEM is being spread to more users which I consider a good thing).

Personally, for me, because I use the platform every day and being a witness with @blockbrothers I find it a lot more easy to deal with it all.

But I sure get it why anyone would be tired. This bear market will destroy almost anyone.

Steem feels it too, I read more than one post from people noticing less activity (posts) from people they follow.

Combine that with the time where getting easy STEEM is over (I was always expecting this), and what you are looking at is more effort, for STEEM that is getting worth a little less every month.

I do expect that to end at some point, but when? Nobody knows.

But WHEN it ends, what you have is what you have. That's also something I know.

In the meantime, I'll be here fighting and building on Steem. I just love it. Always have.

Anyway, besides the fact that I use Steem every day, I also get a lot of hopes from projects being built on Steem.

Splinterlands Marketcap:

As you can see Splinterlands reached another ATH today.

To do that in current market sentiment is impressive as hell.

And then we have APPICS, Steem-Engine, 3speak, Steemhunt, Actifit, Steempeak, eSTEEM, Next Colony, All the Tribes, and many more parties building still.

We have communities coming for Steemit and SMT's should be around the corner.

Those things keep my passion for Steem high and drive me to keep going every single day.

I want to be part of it.

In conclusion, the powerup numbers this week are not bad and not great.

I guess they suit the times.

The fact that SP is stable even with some big power-downs is something I consider a small plus.

But until the bear market ends, strap in and keep building.

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