Discovering "PS now" on demand gaming for PlayStation 4.

Sometimes good things just coincide.

About 4 months ago my ISP send me a message that they would 'improve the network' and that I would notice an increase in speed once they completed the work.

I didn't think too much of it at the time.

I'm still on a DSL line and on average manage about 30mbit download and 12mbit upload which I always thought was decent enough.

I was wrong.

The improvement happened Monday and wow....they really did improve it.

Download speed went up 4x to 120mbit and upload speed is now 55mbit.

Screenshot 2019-12-13 at 17.34.51.png

I entered the modern world

And man, do I notice it.

I was uploading a vlog to 3speak the other day and a 5x improvement is really noticeable.

A 450mb video file only took a couple of minutes to upload. It was flying.

It saves a lot of time.

But there is more!

I recently got into gaming again.

After my PC blew up I have dusted off my PS4 Pro (instead of buying a new GPU) and checked out some games on there.

I have finished God of War (incredible game) and was looking for something new.

I was checking the Christmas deals on the Playstation store when I noticed something called PS now.

PS now is on Demand gaming. Basically a Netflix subscription for Playstation games.

They offered a 7-day free trial and I checked it out.

Now, what you would expect from On-Demand Gaming is that you get the absolute shit de la shit of games to choose from and hardly any good titles.

But I was wrong.

It's great, especially for the money. It only cost 60 bucks for a year.

There are some good AAA titles on offer and a lot of games that I personally like (slower adventure games, like Sherlock Holmes, Heavy Rain).

Screenshot 2019-12-13 at 17.26.41.png

It's possible to stream these games straight to the Playstation without downloading them.

The faster internet speed does a great job here.

There is still a small hint of lag but considering I'm not trying to compete online to make every frame count I can perfectly live with it. Especially with adventure games.

But it gets even better.

A lot of the titles on offer can also be downloaded to the Playstation 4 to get the full 'normal experience'.

When you do that, you get the same experience as buying the title. You just have to make sure you finish it before it runs out. (They give a notice. Uncharted 4 is available there till 2 January 2020 for example).

I believe every month they rotate games in and out so there is always something to play.

It's perfect for me.

For example: Recently I paid 15 bucks for God of War which I now own but I doubt I'll ever replay again. I can't resell the game either because it's a digital (bought) copy.

I wish I used the 15 bucks to get the PS now subscription and played it through that. That would already have covered 25% of the price of the subscription.

O biggie and this is how we learn.

Of course, I got the 60 bucks subscription now and am set for a year of gaming in 2020.

The 7-day trial is for free, so if you have a Playstation 4, you might want to check it out!

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Comments 6

That is pretty awesome. I like that companies are starting to do stuff like that. I remember when the GameFly service came out and I thought it was just a brilliant idea because the cost of games is just so expensive. I remember when I was a kid heading down to the video store and looking at the selection of NES games they had for rent. It was a game changing idea even back then!

13.12.2019 17:03

Man, I also remember going to the local video rental place to check out the NES games you could rent there. That place was like paradise back then. Good memories.

13.12.2019 21:30

I tried it out and didn't like it. My connection isn't that great so streaming was out of the question. And when I tested it out I realized the service is only capable of 720p at 30fps anyway. I'm sure it will improve in the future though, but now you still want to download the games to get the best experience. And speaking of downloading I don't like how the games go away after a few months and then you have to buy them if you want to keep playing. I'm not a fan of this time pressure. So for now I continue to be a PS+ subscriber and play games I get there whenever I have time. And the games I don't get I buy on sale.

I am glad that there are so many options to play games these days. Just pick the one that suits you best and have fun. It's also fairly cheap playing games these days thanks to these services.

13.12.2019 18:59

I think you are 100% right. Ppl should do what suits them. I think the streaming is pretty good but of course, I will always go for the download option if it's offered. Time pressure is no issue for me. I hardly replay games.

13.12.2019 21:32

You can play bdo 'black desert online' on ps4 and I have a graphic card here a 1060 3GB maybe it's something for you? I can give you a free pass to bdo I think I don't know if it's also for the ps4.

It's like wow but different. The mobile version is also out it's like 10 million times downloaded.

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12.01.2020 21:17