'AREA 2071' hosts 11 Italian companies as part of Global Startup Programme


AREA 2071, Dubai Future Foundation (DFF) innovation ecosystem, announced its hosting of 11 Italian start-ups participating in the second edition of the Global Startup Programme, promoted by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and organised by ITA, for the first time in Dubai and the UAE.

This step comes as part of DFF's efforts in strengthening relations between the Italian Trade Agency in Dubai and the bilateral relations between both countries in various economic and technological fields.

The collaboration supports Italian companies participating in the programme with a better understanding of the UAE market and gain UAE based best practices and experience in the innovation and entrepreneurship sector. The programme further supports the companies with investment opportunities, enabling them to expand their business in the UAE and around the world.

DFF's Dubai Future Accelerators programme will organise a special programme for the participating companies over an 8-week period that includes a number of workshops, interactive sessions, promotional and marketing events, and social and cultural activities.

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