Artificial Intelligence in the minds: AI to stop Alzheimer's


Remembering the AI platforms of 2019, we can summarize that this technology can be applied in the area of health due to its ability to adapt. This quality allows platforms designed to be adapted to each particular case of patients.

AI applications range from the moment of diagnosing people, to include them in the solutions. For this reason, they manage to stand out in the area of health in patients with mental disorders or deficiencies. As is the case today, with people suffering from Alzheimer's.


On this occasion, it is Sonora Quest Laboratories who created the RestoreU Method, an AI program for people experiencing memory loss, cognitive impairment or dementia. The laboratory partnered with uMETHOD Health in North Carolina to identify and address the underlying causes of cognitive impairment adapted to each individual patient.

Tom Leggett, director of commercial development at Sonora Quest Laboratories, said the goal of AI RestoreU is to stop the disease by focusing on prevention.

“We are analyzing more than 26 different laboratory tests that we perform in the laboratory. All that information is taken, along with a list of the patient's medications, the lifestyle patient, how they sleep, what is their stress level, do they do it? meditate, ”he said.

Then, AI is used to interpret the data and develop a specific treatment plan for the patient. A coach then follows the patient.

Dr. Ashish Sachdeva of Pinnacle Care Internal Medicine has seen firsthand the impacts of Alzheimer's disease.

“We see patients who have been scientists or executive directors of companies. Then you see the dramatic change and then the dependence that arises or the feeling of helplessness or hopelessness, ”said Dr. Sachdeva. “Change all the dynamics at home. It's huge".

This doctor commented that the RestoreU program with AI has been successful in its practice, approving the use of Artificial Intelligence.

“It emphasizes diet, it emphasizes exercise, sleep and stress reduction. It is a truly comprehensive comprehensive program, ”said Dr. Sachdeva.

In addition, he explains that the focus on prevention has made a big difference.

“There is no real cure for dementia. Therefore, I could detect them early and try to avoid any reversible factor that can be identified, ”said Dr. Sachdeva.

Finally, about 150 doctors are already using the RestoreU with AI program in the state of Arizona.

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19.01.2020 16:43

Projects like this are going to see radical expansion in their abilities. I think we are truly dealing with exponential here.

Imagine where we will be in 5-10 years with these diseases. I think we will see near elimination of them by the end of the decade.

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19.01.2020 16:54