MEMORY HOLED MONTHLY #2 - Online News for October to November 2019


Reviewing the Online News & Events for October - November 2019


Greetings readers and welcome to the 2nd edition of Memory Holed Monthly. Last month's news and events certainly deserves wider scrutiny before it plunges into the memory hole so we will be providing a recap for your reading displeasure.

Some of the themes covered in the inaugural Memory Holed Monthly have reappeared this month. This is no surprise as the nature of the news being memory holed this month still need more attention on them. For the period of October-November we see previous themes back in such a greater volume that we have to focus on less individual cases and try to conglomerate them into an overall impact or meaning.

Trying to understand what on earth is going on is being increasingly foregone by the general public as the pace and volume increases of noteworthy news & current events. Think, give yourself a headache and try to understand what relevance a month's worth of current news and events has to you or the general public anymore. It's turning into a chase of veritable shadows and chasing shadows, much like shadow-boxing is no one's preferred method of keeping abreast of what is current, of what deserves deeper investigation.

We urge our readers to dig deeper into the 3 tranches covered in this edition of Memory Holed Monthly. We want you to see whether the chronological timelines of this news is of relevance in itself and spread your opinions on how the present will continue to unfold.

The majority of articles have been archived multiple times because we at #ExposingExploitation believe that free speech is very important, but of extreme importance is the retention of information and evidence.

In a world that so readily spreads disinformation and applies censorship with a politically or criminally driven motive, we must be able to delve deeper into the immediate past and see what was hidden from us, and why.

Anti Terror Tech and Censorship

The first tranche of online news and current events collated is regarding the very alarming rise of Global internet control being implemented via the

Letter to US Congress 16th Oct 2019 - Congress asked to act on Foreign Terrorist Organisation threats to USA.

This letter's purpose is to make US Congress take action on the threat that White Supremacism has to US homeland security. The write states that there is an obvious link between Azov nazi in Ukraine, Brenton Tarrant the Christchurch Livestream Accelerationist mass murderer & the 2x shootings that are suspected to originate from warning posts on 4chan and elsewhere.

"The spread of anti-semetic, white supremacist terrorism from Pittsburgh to Poway to Halle is a global threat spread by foreign groups who have free reign to recruit Americans over the internet."

Regardless of whether he may be correct (to some extent its true: malicious, brainwashing bad actors operate online in many places, at times unhindered or with the blessings of the platform they operate on), it is difficult if nigh impossible to see agencies combat this effectively. Some weeks later, we see a possible solution be offered in the form of a dystopian sounding "pre-crime tech" answer delivered by "HARPA".

Date Description Links/ Archive
Oct 9th VOX POL: Violent Misogyny, Mass Murder and Suicide: It’s Time to Save Incels from Themselves + screen capture
Oct 14th Hot Wheels (Fredrick Brennan) letter to Phillipines Government attacking 8ch / 8kun & Jim Watkins IPFS
Oct 16th Max Rose Letter to US Congress: Why Aren't Overseas Violent White Supremacists Listed As Foreign Terror Organisations? (FTO) .pdf + archive + IPFS
Oct 18th KIWIFARMS: Should we be concerned that the Kiwi Farms Gag Order / Secret Court Order Canary has been Triggered? IPFS link to Subpoena + screenshot
Oct 21st TWEET: @davidakaye What should governments and companies do about online hate? archive link
Oct 21st UNHCR: Governments and Internet companies fail to meet challenges of online hate – UN expert archive link
Oct 22nd CNN: A mother's warning: If you have white teen sons, listen up archive link
Oct 22nd US Congress: Max Rose & Others: To establish a national commission on online platforms and homeland security, and for other purposes. .pdf
Oct 25th Tech Against Terrorism & GIFCT webinar: Drafting Terms of Service & Community Guidelines archive link
Oct 26th KIWIFARMS: 2019-10-16 - Federal Grand Jury Subpoena archive link
Oct 26th ZEROHEDGE: With Little Fanfare, William Barr Formally Announces Orwellian Pre-Crime Program
Oct 28th Tech Against Terror Podcast: The power and responsibility of Open Source Intelligence direct link + Vocaroo
Oct 30th US CONGRESSMAN MAX ROSE: Global Terrorism: Threats to the Homeland, Part II
Nov 1st U.S. Congress Accidentally Boosted Ukraine’s Far-Right
Nov 3rd Bellingcat Tweets: Welcome to newest Staff Member Robert Evans (@IwriteOK). - Robert has been writing for us on the far right, and the role of sites like 8chan in radicalisation and terrorism.
Nov 4th CBS Denver: FBI: White Supremacist Richard Holzer Arrested In Plot To Blow Up Pueblo’s Temple Emanuel .pdf FBI affidavit +
Nov 4th Bellingcat: The State of California Could Have Stopped 8Chan: It Didn’t - Fredrick Brennan "Hotwheels" reports on 8chan
Nov 6th The FBI encouraged a white supremacist to bomb a synagogue
Nov 7th Mysterious hacker dumps database of infamous IronMarch neo-nazi forum +
Nov 7th Bellingcat Tweet: Gigantic Data Leak from a (+2 years offline) white supremacist message board.. + threadreaderapp
Nov 11th Where 8channers Went After 8chan
Nov 22nd The Oven: How We Handled Censorship tweet
Nov 24th Business Insider: Sacha Baron Cohen just called out the 'Silicon Six,' a group of American billionaires that he says 'care more about boosting their share price than protecting democracy' hooktube

Online Child Safety & Exploitation

Not much changes here. Child Sexual Exploitation crimes involving the online enticement of children via livestreaming and social media messaging applications continues to increase. Numbers so far indiciate that the incidences of child exploitation occurring online are rising to higher numbers than ever, faster than ever.

Online Child Safety remains severely lacking. The largest social media companies are the most negligent and will go to the usual lengths of creating diversionary issues that detract from what is really at stake: The safety of minors online.

OpPedoHunt is making a resurgence on Twitter and #OpChildSafety maintains a steady presence as an awareness spreading initiative. #WakeUpInstagram also was trending a few days ago in November upon the outrage of several NGO's such as NCOSE & in discovering how children are at risk of continual exploitation on that platform.

Probably the biggest news was one of Australia's major banks, Westpac, becoming deeply implicated in money laundering, tax-evasion and not monitoring overseas transactions to South East Asia, where child sexual exploitation was purchased and paid for via their international cash transfer facilities.

The transfers which Australia'a anti-money laundering federal agency AUSTRAC mentions in it's Statement of Claim went predominantly to the Philipines, either for the payment of livestream sexual abuse of children, or payments to arrange child sex trafficking/prostitution for when they would travel there. This case will be one to follow as a prime example of how global child sex trafficking operates financially and is facilitated via channels which are not much different to what the general public has access too.

Date Description Links/ Archive
Oct 14th BBC UK: Paedophile Richard Huckle stabbed to death at Full Sutton Prison
Oct 22nd BBC: Cloudflare embroiled in child abuse row archive link
Oct 24th Spidercatweb Blog: Sex crimes against children at all-time high amid ‘crisis’
Oct 29th US DoJ: Project Safe Childhood (TWITTER): Blacklick man sentenced to 25 years in prison for posing online as teenage internet start to coerce 10-year-old child
Oct 31st US DoJ: Project Safe Childhood (INSTAGRAM): Philadelphia Woman Pleads Guilty to Charges of Child Enticement, Manufacturing of Child Pornography
Oct 31st US DoJ: Proj Safe Childhood (GIFT CARDS BRIBERY): Frederick County Man Sentenced to More Than 12 Years in Federal Prison for Posing as a Teenaged Girl Online & Inducing Minor Males to Produce & Send Sexually Explicit Images & Videos
Oct 31st US DoJ: Proj Safe Childhood (INSTAGRAM): Grand Jury Indicts Former School Athletic Trainer On Multiple Charges Including Enticing A Minor & Production Of Child Pornography
Nov 1st US DoJ: Proj Safe Childhood (FACEBOOK): Previously-Convicted Sex Offender Sentenced to Decades in Federal Prison for Distribution & Possession of Child Pornography
Nov 4th RT.COM: Internet unites in disgust at tweet promoting 12yo drag queen ‘Desmond is Amazing’ as the FUTURE + tweet
Nov 4th Winkie): Teens Are Running Illicit Dating Channels on Discord + Michael Salter TWEET +
Nov 5th US DoJ: Proj Safe Childhood (GRINDR): Former Pasco County Assistant Principal Sentenced To 35 Years (HIV+ and knowingly had unprotected sex with minor victims)
Nov 6th NetClean TWEET: NCMEC increased total cybertips received to 18.4million in 2018
Nov 7th US DoJ: Proj Safe Childhood (US NAVY in JAPAN): Navy Employee Sentenced to 40 Years in Prison for Child Pornography Offenses with Multiple Victims
Nov 9th Sydney Morning Herald: Perth man sentenced after using fake FACEBOOK to send 'unbelievably cruel' messages
Nov 10th 60 MINUTES AUS (Video): Exposing Jeffrey Epstein's international sex trafficking ring hooktube
Nov 13th Mom Arrested For Child Abuse Dies Before Being Able To Stand Trial
Nov 20th Joint International Campaign Launched to #WakeUpInstagram to Sexual Exploitation on its Platform
Nov 22nd ABC News AUS: How Westpac's LitePay service inadvertently helped Australian paedophiles abuse Filipino children

Big Tech & Online/ Social Media

Big Tech and Social Media Platforms struggle to maintain anything except for profit. Good will towards them is low, global hacking & the spread of a litany of malware, virus' and security threats does little to bolster public opinion of these companies. All these companies appear to be good at doing is making huge amounts of money while making a complete mess of any public-facing moral or ethical issues.

Youtube is doing exactly this with COPPA (Child Online Privacy & Protection Act) by completely neglecting to address the uploading of depictions of minors (video, audio, images) to their platform. Youtubers are in a flurry over how COPPA is now a bad thing as it only detracts from their viewership and/or income. A selfishly imposed narrative that completely neglects to address how there is endless amounts of videos uploaded onto Youtube where children have been recorded on Youtube or other app livestreams to be reuploaded to the same platform, without any verifiable parental consent being collected by Youtube.

Date Description Links/ Archive
Oct 21st TechCrunch: NordVPN confirms it was hacked +
Nov 1st BreitBart: Feds Open National Security Investigation Into Tik Tok
Nov 5th ReclaimTheNet: YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki met secretly with Irish Prime Minister to discuss content “moderation”
Nov 5th Is A YouTube COPPAcalypse Coming? FTC Rules Could Start Demonetizing Creators In 2020 +
Nov 7th GUARDIAN: Former Twitter employees charged with spying for Saudi Arabia +
Nov 13th Unknown Fund Press Release - Call out for crowd-sourcing anonymization technologies
Nov 13th Australian Federal Police: Police target cryptocurrency at National Proceeds of Crime Conference
Nov 13th Facebook includes Instagram in its transparency report for the first time
Nov 18th REUTERS: Interpol plans to condemn encryption spread, citing predators, sources say
Nov 20th AUSTRAC (Aus Govt): AUSTRAC applies for civil penalty orders against Westpac .pdf(claim statement) +
Nov 24th ABC News AUS: Westpac's cloak of invisibility has not just bankrolled paedophiles, but appears to support a massive tax dodge too


You will be overwhelmed when deciding how to separate all the divisive propaganda pumped out by mainstream media from that which the propagandized #MSM is trying to distract you from. You will be constantly seduced to just give up and let it go because who cares about anything way, it's much less taxing to gobble down garbage or completely cut yourself off from communities that in all likelihood need to be stronger than ever before.

Think of why an underlying narrative could exist when approaching any commonly "accepted" source of information. Read between the lines of the commonly (aggressively) pushed narratives that fill the news feeds and airwaves 24/7.

Why are you meant to consume #MSM dogma without questioning it? Are you goaded by this latest outrage to forget something else or is the incessantly refreshing news feed of mainstream and social media there to exhaust you into a state of resignation? How do you separate the wheat from the chaff and be confident in your ability to make value judgements as to what is wheat and chaff? Maybe it's all chaff, full of mould spores that will make you hallucinate then die, so maybe don't bother at all?

#ExposingExploitation understands this mindset and how can affect everyone without anyone being aware of it's effects. Believe us (believe yourself) when we say that there is more at stake today for our future that can be expressed by our current vocabulary.

So let's manage these unknown risks as best we can with the means currently available to us and be prepared to investigate, expose and educate as many people as possible on those risks which will be coming for us (and our children) soon.

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