Yellow Lupines and Witness votes needed!

It has been some two days for Steem! I am sure everyone already heard what is happening, saw posts asking for witness votes, people resigning their positions. It was really hard to miss those. And it all started when I wasn't even home. We decided to go to check on the spring flowers in one of my favourite spots. Well... it is not my favourite spot anymore. They cut down all the bushes and grasses around leaving just the trees and some little flowers here and there. It was such a nice, wild place and now it looks like a gigantic lawn...

Preventive measures (this is so on top now!) - there has been a lot of fires around during the summer and this place also burned two years ago. So cutting down the small, dry and flammable plants should help.
But it is just so empty now! I saw those lupines growing in few places and those are basically the tallest plants (besides the trees) now. Gorgeous yellow colour!

Yellow lupines albufeira 1.jpg

Yellow lupines albufeira 2.jpg

Back to Steem - as I have seen some questions on who to vote and where, I wanted to cover some basics. Now those of you that didn't vote because of those reasons, you can do it now.
I'll try to keep it short and simple.

How to tell who to vote?

Well... many of you will know the names of the witnesses.
But in case you don't and want to make sure, go to where you will have a list of all the witnesses.



Steemit witnesses are marked in blue colour, Tron witness servers are in red.
Also, if you look on the right column, all Tron witnesses run version 0.22.5. They also have no avatars, no posts on Steemit and have very little votes.

So of course we all encourage to vote Steemit witnesses. There is currently 7 of them on top top 20. We need to make sure they stay there.

How to vote?

Go to and pick the names. It will ask you for you Active posting key, apptove the vote with it and thats done.
You can also do it via Steempeak if that is what you are using
Or via You can find the wintness list in the last Tools tab.

Every single vote counts!

A lot has happened and keeping track on top of it all is exhausting. It is not over, but I will resume my normal activities tomorrow (I will try at least).

In the meantime join PAL server on Discord. For the past two days at 5 pm UTC they have been hosting discussions about what is happening and how to solve it. There is gonna be one tomorrow as well. Join, listen, voice your opinion if you want to.

Steem on!

Shot with Nikon D5500 + Sigma 105mm lens

All photos and text are my own.



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Bang, I did it again... I just resteemed your post!
Week 24 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!
Pixresteemer is also listed as promoter on The Steemians Directory
04.03.2020 22:12

Thanks for the info i have done my voting now...Cheers 👍
And i am sure them Yellow Lupines will be back 😊

05.03.2020 04:06

Awesome! :)
I am sure. They produce lots of seeds every year.

05.03.2020 11:15

Amazing work.

05.03.2020 08:36

Thank you :)

05.03.2020 11:15

I cast my remaining votes yesterday but for two as my internet fell but will retry later to complete the task and also double check as some of my older votes may have gone inactive not quite sure how to check that but I will, but on the other hand beautiful flowers, all is blooming here.

05.03.2020 10:06

Thank you!
You can go here -> where you can also vote. The disabled witnesses will be grayed out like this:


So if you have voted to any of those grey ones, you can safely remove the vote and place it on one of the tops ones that still need it.

05.03.2020 11:13

Thanks will double check likely migrate some votes to those with more chances to top, now it is not about agreeing entirely but having names we know and can communicate with there

05.03.2020 12:30


05.03.2020 12:58

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05.03.2020 12:11

Hello beautiful, it's a shame about your eden, but the fire is bad and dangerous.
almost like this war in our house
Happy day

05.03.2020 14:35

Yes I know.. it is still a beautiful place. Just less wildflowers...

09.03.2020 20:10

Well, I have done my voting; just a very small "fish" here, but it all counts, I hope. I would hate to see anything destroy this lovely little community of ours; I'm all too familiar with the stories of business greed in the world, having worked in the corporate offices of a multi-billion dollar bank.

Bright blessings!

05.03.2020 21:04

In the Argentine Patagonia place that I have visited several times, there are lupines of all colors.

05.03.2020 21:35

Oh wow. That must look amazing! I love lupines.

09.03.2020 20:08