FungiFriday - Scleroderma polyrhizum

Scleroderma polyrhizum ground mushroom 10.jpg

This must be the weirdest mushroom I have ever found! First time I saw it, I actually didn't know it was a mushrooms. From a distance it just looks like some decomposing matter (plant, bark.. something), or a big flat poop.
Only after getting closer you can tell it is not any of that. Mushroom world is so weird and full of surprises.

Scleroderma polyrhizum

Scleroderma polyrhizum ground mushroom 9.jpg..Scleroderma polyrhizum ground mushroom 7.jpg

Scleroderma polyrhizum ground mushroom 8.jpg

I found it growing all alone in the middle of a path on the side of a small wood. The soil there is very sandy, rocky and considering that the terrain there is on an angle the sand gets washed with all the winter rain pretty heavily (that is why I go there to pick my gritty sand and soil for cacti. It is just perfect!).
They can be found in Europe, both Americas and Asia. As long as the weather is good and soil right. First they grow round and I think I saw the unopened version before it just didn't look special. Just an irregular, round brown thing. Then they open to something like a star shape. Looks like they exploded from the inside revealing the spores. Most of the mushrooms is still dug up in the soil. Weirdos, I am telling ya!.

Scleroderma polyrhizum ground mushroom 4.jpg

Scleroderma polyrhizum ground mushroom 5.jpg

Scleroderma polyrhizum ground mushroom 6.jpg

This one here was about the size of a football ball. Quite a giant!
The one below I found a bit further. It was smaller and dug deeper in the sand so it didn't open as much. Scary looking thing with that dark hole in the middle.

Scleroderma polyrhizum ground mushroom 1.jpg

Scleroderma polyrhizum ground mushroom 2.jpg

Scleroderma polyrhizum ground mushroom 3.jpg

My contribution to #FungiFriday by @ewkaw

I hope many of you will join as there are only 2 simple rules:

  • when Friday comes post your own, original photo/drawing/art/food/anything-at-all of any type of fungi (yes, I will check and report stolen images!)
  • add #FungiFriday tag (it doesn't have to be your first tag)
    That's all :)
Shot with Nikon D5500 + Sigma 105mm lens
(f/9, 1/640, 105mm, ISO160)
All photos and text are my own.

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My God! What is this? An alien egg?

10.01.2020 19:41


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Looks like my mothers' Yorkshire Pudding :-)


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Wow that is big and unusual looking, nice photographic detail @ewkaw


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Hi @ewkaw. This was a great post! We appreciate your work and efforts.

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11.01.2020 12:22

It was very interesting to look at these beautiful photos of strange mushrooms.
Yes, at a distance they can be taken for anything, but not for mushrooms.
You definitely have an agreement with mushrooms, mosses and lichens:
where you walk, they appear there :-)))

12.01.2020 00:22