Olennikovo Pt.1

Olennikovo is a village in the Veliky Ustyug district of the Vologda region. It is part of the Tregubovsky rural settlement. The distance by road to the regional center of Veliky Ustyug is 23 km, to the center of the municipality of Morozovitsa - 15 km. The nearest settlements are Kremenye, Schekino, Starkovo. According to the 2002 census, the population is 1 person. Now the village is abandoned.

Now I will talk about the village that I saw at night from afar during photography in the village of Starkovo. At night, I, of course, did not go there, but I walked with pleasure the next day. The weather was very lucky!

From the village of Starkovo you need to go down the hill into the floodplain lowland.

Down leads a track from a snowmobile, which can be passed without difficulty.

The rays of the January sun are still very low and already in the afternoon the light is like a sunset.

Nearby is a moat.

Golden light is a rarity for this winter.

From a distance it seemed that there was a road to the village. In fact, it is under snow cover.

There is very little snow this year, so walking along a snowy road was not difficult.

It seems that the last rays of the sun illuminate the area, but this is not so. The heavenly body will give out an infrared spectrum of rays for a long time.

Behind the hill you can see the extreme house in the residential village of Starkovo.

Olennikovo is conditionally divided into two parts. In the part to the right of the road, houses stand perpendicular to the Shardenga river. And the second half of the village is located along the coastline.

The types of buildings here are diverse. There are many five-wall houses with a mezzanine and balconies that are common in this area.

Many houses are still intact and even locked.

Most likely people come here in the summer, but in the winter no one lives for sure.

For the village of Olennikovo, the point of no return has come just recently. But its fate awaits the same as thousands of Russian villages.

This part of the village is typical of the floodplain villages of our region. The houses are on one side of the street, and all other barns and sheds are on the opposite.

I suspect that in the summer it is very beautiful and cozy.

At any time of the year there are pros and cons of traveling through the villages. Now it’s good that there is no tall grass near the houses and the foliage of trees does not close the buildings.

Siberian cedary pine.

In the village, of course, there are also completely destroyed houses, but their number is less in comparison with the whole.

This village, in theory, should often be flooded with flood waters. The Shardenga River is very close, as is the Yug River. Perhaps because of this, the inhabitants left the village.

This village was not part of the old trade route, but it does not need it. Nearby there is another trading artery - the river.

In this house lived a veteran of Great Patriotic War, who made excellent shoes.

The yellow rays of the sun well emphasize the color of wood and all dried plants.

Judging by the map from a satellite, agricultural machinery often comes round here. In nearby villages and villages there are working developed agricultural enterprises.

To be continued...

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Snow and sun... couldn't ask for anything else in winter. So beautiful!

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Beautiful sceneries and good Orange tones

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