Finnish Air Force Testing Day


This is the strip of the highway in Lusi that the air force uses as a spare landing strip. There are dozens like it everywhere in the country. The air force has enough reserve personnel to operate temporary bases built around highway strips like that in dozens of locations. The main bases have a high likelihood of being destroyed by the enemy, which is why the Finnish Air Force has a reserve of approximately 15,000 for operating enough of such temporary bases.

It is no co-incidence that the FAF chose the F/A-18 Hornet as its fighter/assault aircraft. It's used by the US Navy Airforce on aircraft carriers. The F-35 with vertical takeoff/landing capability is a strong candidate for the next fighter type.

Click the link to see Lusi:

The above information was provided for you by a fellow Finn @markkujantunen. Everyone say "Thank you Markku!"

This week the Finnish Air Force closed this stretch of highway in Lusi to rehearse landings and takeoffs, and they are going almost nonstop during the daytime for our viewing pleasure. Me and my dad went to see the fighter jets today because we have a thing for seeing, hearing and feeling those insane fighter jets soar through the sky. Summer also came back for the day and it was sooooo warm and we were glad to see that a lot of people had come to see the show.

The highway was closed and traffic rerouted to an older road running just along the newer one, so there was non stop traffic of cars and motorcycles going at the same time with the fighter jets, which made for an interesting scenery. The military police drove along the road at all time, making sure nobody went running around too close to where the planes where landing and taking off. I got to take a few pictures right next to the fence but then the police came and asked me nicely to go to the other side of the road. I'm sure my below average age, fairer sex and the generous neckline of my tight top was why they let me stay for a few pictures in the first place, before asking me to move. Anything to get The Shot for you guys ;)

I shot these with the Nikon D7200 and Sigma 50-100mm f/1.8, my go to combo for nature and sport photography.











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How was the sound?

10.09.2019 21:15

Loud enough to be felt by a deaf person!

11.09.2019 10:05

The FA-18 is a great bird. The F35 is, nice.
I love that you and your dad had a chance to explore together.
Great to share that with him.

10.09.2019 23:20

Australia also used the F/A-18 and the F/A-18F Super hornet and by 2021-2023 will have 74 F35A Lighting II fighters also. Ours are all land-based as we don't have carriers however our pilots fly with the USAF on secondment as I know the Finnish do also.

Legit pics.

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11.09.2019 00:53

Apparently they did practise carrier landings too with a wire but we just didn’t see that. Would have been cool.

12.09.2019 06:22

Fighter jets are legit.

12.09.2019 06:28

The looks like a good day out. Good in the B&W too. I used to live near a good airshow place went to some great shows. Just reminded me having a reflection moment 💯🐒

11.09.2019 20:09

There is just something about seeing and hearing airshows that is so darn cool isn’t it?

12.09.2019 06:23

Isn't there just! I near a building place occasionally they test fly over amazing sounds 💯🐒

12.09.2019 17:00

Oh wow! That one pic of the plane going downwards in a diagonal leaving behind a stream of smoke is breathtaking. Not sure why but it struck a chord. They’re all amazing.

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16.09.2019 03:24