What is Steem Library?

Steem library is created to gather all the book lovers from around the globe. As we advance into the modern era of technology, we get distant from the books. The purpose of this community is to promote book reading and encourage people who have creative writing skills.

We welcome all sorts of writers here and we will provide full support to them as the community grows. We also invite all the readers to have constructive book discussions here just like in a bookclub.

For promoting reading, we will announce a read-a-thon soon.

As the name suggests, we are forming a decentralized Libray here. Members can lend their books to each other through a reliable proper channel. We will be making a catalogue of books as well.

We will be organizing interesting reading contests and challenges.

You are all welcome to write reviews of your favorite books and characters.

If you want the this bookish world to flourish, do participate in here. We will be making a curating account as well which will also serve multiple purpose in playing the library role.

Till then stay tuned for more updates.

Comments 6

So exciting! Thanks for making this community!

05.05.2021 17:59

My pleasure. I need true book lovers like you here.

06.05.2021 06:41

That's great
I'm in 🙌

06.05.2021 07:28

Yayy! Thank you.

06.05.2021 08:04

I wish you success.

07.05.2021 00:58

Thank you. Long way to go.

07.05.2021 01:08