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Weekly Moderator Report - Steemit Pakistan | My Acceptance & Guidance of Club5050 | 20% to @steemit-pak

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Hello everyone!

I have been working as the moderator of Steemit Pakistan for the past six months. I have seen it evolve over the months. We have always tried to carry out different projects that are beneficial for the community and its members. Since the new vote support strategies presented by the Steemit team, the competition has taken a new flight.

Here's the last week's summary of the tasks and my contribution for the community development.

Power Up ( in 7 days) Own Steem Power Delegation to @steemit-pak Voting CSI
500 steem 4700+ 2000sp 25.2

Joined Club5050 and Monitoring the tag

Through this post, I want to declare my acceptance of club5050 and have also joined it being a moderator of Steemit Pakistan. I consider it my responsibility to be a role model for the members of this community.

Here's my new power up post where I powered up 50% of liquid rewards I earned last week..

I Just Powered Up 300 Steem and Accumulated 4700+ Sp of my own | I can't keep calm, I will be a Dolphin at my next power up

I am also checking the tag club5050 tag in the community and warn the users who are exploiting the tag.



I am running a Promotional Contest in the community. The week 2 of the contest is finished, here are the results.


Steemit Pakistan Promotions | Promoters Rewarded with 30+ steem | 20% to @steemit-pak

I have taken a break this week and will resume organizing the contests from next week.

Quality and Plagiarism Check

I am specially checking all posts in the community for their quality and rule out any kind of plagiarsm. I have made several guides on the topic as well. Here's my recent report on Plagiarism.

My Report on Plagiarism | Detailed Guidelines About Plagiarism For Newbies | 20% to @steemit-pak

Curatorial Report

I curate from official account mostly on Wednesdays. While voting, my aim is to give a little higher percentage of vote to quality authors. I wish I could give votes to maximum number of users but it is not possible. So quality wins over quantity.

Here's the outgoing votes report of steemit-pak of Wednesday.


Visit Posts

I try to visit all posts in the community. If not daily, then every 2nd or 3rd day. I read 15 to 20 posts in a day and guide or appreciate the users according to the quality. Today, I visited 19 posts. Here's the glimpse of few.



Steemit Pakistan labels consist of Power up Levels and a Delegation Title. Since the start of October, many people have made delegations and powered up their steem in SPUD. This tedious process includes thorough checking of the users' wallets ( I give red flags to users who are powering down).

Labels are of utmost importance in Steemit Pakistan because while choosing best picks, we consider these the most. This practice has helped us increase the delegations tremendously in the past month.

Tasks from Official Account

Following are the tasks that I perform weekly through Official Account:

  • Choose and Publish best posts once a week.
  • Curate quality posts through official account once a week.
  • Organize the Photography Contest once a week.
  • Help in making important announcement posts from official account whenever required.

That's about it for the week. See you next Saturday.

Kind Regards,


Discord: event-horizon#5635
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