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Greetings to all respected members of the community!

I am here yet again to show you a page from my diary.

Kicked start my day with re arranging stuff in the room and hurriedly prepared breakfast for my son. His online class was due in few minutes. While he ate, I quickly set up Zoom for him.

![I am his class commenced. He's just started school and the irony is that he never went to school. He had to start straight from online classes.


Anyways, the class began at sharp 11:30am. He learned about tracing and coloring. He learned to draw upward, downward and slanting lines. He also got his first homework today.

After the class, I went to a stall that was specially arranged for ladies of my area for Eid shopping. Since, there's a lockdown in our area and all shops are closed. That's why the stall was arranged following all the SOPs in the open area. Ladies requested the vendor to bring good branded clothes. I was surprised to see he did a good job and brought Maria B. and Sapphire . I didn't need anything but couldn't stop myself and got a dress of Maria B. It was a beautiful pastel pink and green dress, best suited for this hot weather. Now let's see I will wear it on Eid or just sleep the day off.

I came back home in the afternoon and took some rest and offer prayer. Then I took my diary and made notes for the new community I am planning to create on Steemit. I had to brainstorm a lot of ideas. I will be sharing about it soon.


Then I went to the kitchen and started preparing iftari. Today, my husband requested to make some extra items for his bachelor colleague. So I a made katori chaat and shashlik sticks along with pakoray and chicken nuggets. We sent the iftari to the colleague and did ours at home. Everything turned out so delicous so we enjoyed a lot.



After iftar and prayer, I made myself a cup of tea. It's like a fuel to charge myself after the whole day of fasting.


After tea, I again opened Steemit and finally decider 5o create the community. Here's the link. I love to read books so the community was bound to be about that. I am turning it into a fun library. I have to do a lot of work as it's in initial stages. Right now, I am clueless, how to find like minded people who will join the community. Let's see what happens.

Suddenly, I heard the sound of rain and I turned off my laptop and went outside with family for a drive in the rain. The weather was so good as it killed all the heat of the day. We roam around for good half and hour and enjoyed the cool breeze with the windows down.



Later in the night, my hands were itching to stroke some paint brushes on the canvas. Not that, I am an artist. Infact, I am at lowest level. I open pinterest and get ideas from there usually about what to paint.


I tried to paint this galaxy which is far from perfect. But I don't care, I won't stop until I get better

Link to My Achievement 1


That's it. I have written pretty much about all the activities I did today.

Thanks for taking out the time to read this.

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I was wondering how your painting was going - I'm pleased to see you're still going with it πŸ™‚ That looks like a picture I'd expect to find in a gallery - I really need to pull my finger out and do the next phase of my art journey!

08.05.2021 09:06

Haha. I will take it as a compliment. I thought I was not improving.
And yes, I was also looking for your next art work after that dog. But only found sports stuff. 😁

08.05.2021 10:02

I have been thinking about it, it will come πŸ™‚ We have a 3-week old baby (currently in a crib next to me) so drawing has dropped down the list ☹ πŸ‘ˆ I wonder why the sad face doesn't come out yellow.

08.05.2021 10:08

Wow! Congratulations!!! A boy or a girl?

That is one genuine reason for not being able to do stuff. Must have been having sleepless nights.

08.05.2021 10:13

😴 Good excuse isn't it?! I'm still posting quite a lot considering!

We have had our 2nd boy so we know what we're doing this time! Perhaps that sounds over confident. We never really know what we're doing, we're just worrying less about doing it 🀣

08.05.2021 10:28


My second born is now 8th months old and we are like that too. Worrying less and just chilling it out. It wasn't like that the first time.

08.05.2021 10:31

It's amazing how totally unprepared we were for the 1st one. We knew it would change our lives but boy... all those things I used to enjoy doing. Distant memories. Apparently we'll start to get those things back after about 16 years. Shame I won't be able to leg it around a football pitch when that time comes!

08.05.2021 15:03

Haha. Axis of life changes when kids come into the picture.

08.05.2021 18:54

it seems like, you are a perfect cook, along with a perfect housewife and a perfect working women. the food looks perfectly delicious and presentable(unbelievable)
I must say, I am actually getting inspired from you.
I always wanted to be like this.

I ms

08.05.2021 09:40

Thank you so much !

I was not like that few years ago. I was just good at nerdy stuff. Lol

But I guess with time you learn things. I am not perfect but I don't fuss over anything. I take things one day at a time. One day I am a good cook, next day i am a good mommy, the other day I am a workaholic. I cannot play all the roles at the same time. πŸ˜›

08.05.2021 10:07

But still... you are multi talented ma shA Allah.
Especially your cooking.
I hope I will be professional in cooking like you in future. as I haven't tasted the food😁, but it have killing looks.

You rocked it friend πŸ€—

08.05.2021 10:22

Haha. Thank you so much.

Not exaggerating but it tasted good too. We take cooking way too seriously in our family. Everyone is a great cook from my mom to my father to my husband. So it's not just me.πŸ˜…

08.05.2021 10:34

Hahahhaha, that's really great πŸ‘, my mother is too and the one's where I am going toπŸ˜œπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

08.05.2021 10:46

There must be a lot of pressure πŸ˜‚

08.05.2021 11:10

This online classes uurrggh.
I love the katori chat you post I was thinking to try this recipe how did you made this katori?

11.05.2021 21:08