Steem Women Club Contest #16 PROMO-STEEM | Promote Steemit on Social Media Profile | Announce to the World

Greetings to all beautiful ladies from around the globe.

I made a promotion post for Steemit on my own before this contest was announced. But I am glad @steemwomensclub has given me a chance to do it again in a proper manner. I have as such no followers on Twitter so I decided to do Steemit promotion on Instagram. I have genuine followers there who actually believe in what I say. In order to fulfill the purpose of this contest, I chose Instagram.

I made this post on Instagram today.

I believe in gripping and catching statements that attract people to explore more. I blog on Instagram too so I know a lot of bloggers who are extremely talented. Instagram is not rewarding them and they are being exploited for their efforts. That's why I want them all to give Steemit a go. They will be rewarded for their hard work.

Hence, my promotion post address all the bloggers and their issues.

What is Steemit?

After making the post, I am getting DMs on more details. That's what I am telling people about it.

  • Steemit is a blockchain-based social media and blogging website where you can earn monetary rewards for posting and curating content.
  • You can start with zero investment or you can invest your money. It all depends on you, there's no compulsion.
  • There are three cryptocurrencies on Steemit. The basic one is Steem and the others are Steem Backed Dollars SBD and Steem Power SP which are dependent on Steem. We can get SBD and SP as a reward for posting content. SBD and Steem are liquid means there are transferrable but SP is non-liquid, which means it cannot be transferred.
  • If you want to be influential on Steemit and increase the monetary value of your voting power, you have to build up your SP. You get SP for posting content or you can buy Steem with your fiat currency and power it up to increase SP.

What kind of content you can post on Steemit?

The second question people ask me what kind of content they can post.
I told them about a diverse range of communities. They can post recipes in the food community, show creative art or photography skills in the Art and Photography community, learn about the Crypto world in the crypto academy, or be a part of the women's exclusive community.

What have I earned on Steemit?

The most asked question! Friends and other people ask this question first. I always tell them that you have to be consistent and create quality content and you will be rewarded. You can earn enough to meet your life needs easily and sometimes more than that.

I showed them some of my posts as example.





I have helped signed up 10 people on Steemit through Instagram promotions. I have made a group of those people and constantly guiding them and educating them about Steemit.

This is the screenshot of my promotion post.

Insights of the post after just 2 hours.

As you can see 80+ people saw this post.
1 saved it.
2 shared on their profile.
2 people clicked on the sign up link.

These stats came in just after an hour or 2. They will increase every passing hour. I will update on that in the comments.

Together we will make Steem reach in every home and make Steemit an even better place.

Thankyou @Svm038 for organizing this coontest. I invite @suboohi and @aniqamashkoor to participate.

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Thank you for participating in the contest. We are happy to announce Steemit. Keep posting to the community.

09.05.2021 09:04