Results of Dessert Photography Contest by @event-horizon| Reward Pool increased to 35 steem | 20% to Pak-Charity


My first ever contest has finally come to an end. I am actually proud that it went so well. I was overwhelmed by the response you people gave me. Not only from Pakistan, I got so many entries from different countries as well. There were total 36 entries. I appreciate each one of it and gave my response on each. However, there had to be only 3 winners. It was really hard to shortlist them.


Here are the winners!!

1st winner: @m@muzz21**
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Presentation: ++++ , Picture Quality: ++++, Effort: +++++

2nd winner: @faizazanwrites07
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Presentation: +++++ , Picture Quality: +++++

3rd winner: @mmustabshira1*
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Presentation: ++++ , Picture Quality: +++++,

As I said there were so many good entries, It was hard to ignore them. I have selected 5 more entries which all deserve equal appreciation so I am giving 1 steem to each one of them.

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Points for uniqueness

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Points for self effort and presentation


Link to post.

Points for cuteness and presentation


Link to post.

Points for cuteness and presentation


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Points for self effort

Prize steem distributed among all.

I invite country reps and all other members to show their support to all these 8 people for their marvelous entries.
Once again, thank you all for participating. I love each one of your entry so please don't lose heart if you have not been shortlisted. I will soon come up with another interesting topic.

CC: @haidermehdi, @hassanabid, @rashid001

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Amiga gracias por escogerme entre los ocho todos han sido muy muy buenos

30.04.2021 17:27


01.05.2021 07:44

ayeee! you are such a love. Thank you so much for appreciating and considering my piece of cake. ❤️️
Congratulations everyone :)

30.04.2021 17:40

You did an incredible job with cocoa spoon and fork 😍

01.05.2021 07:46

ahaaaa thanks so much dear❤ competition was looking very tough and i wasn't expecting this ...

30.04.2021 21:22

Yes, it was really tough to choose. I had to do proper grading to make sure everyone gets the rightful recognition. 😁

01.05.2021 07:48

Thank you so much @event-horizon for the appreciation, and congratulation for the successful completion of your first contest. Hopefully, we'll see many more contests from you.

And Congratulations to all the winners too.

01.05.2021 08:43


Yes, I am brainstorming some interesting ideas for contests. Will soon come up with cool ideas.

01.05.2021 11:15

Thank you!

I'll be waiting for your new contests. Good wishes!

01.05.2021 13:16

Thankyou so much @event-horizon its an honor for me ♥ thankyou for appreciating me, will definitely participate in more contest of yours, btw congratulations to all the winners ❤️

01.05.2021 18:59

Congratulations on securing the first place. Your participation was clearly outstanding.

P. S. I'm totally impressed with your culinary skills. It would be great, if you share the step by step recipe of macaroons some time. I really want to try them myself. 😁

01.05.2021 19:37

Thankyou again ♥️ yes absolutely I'll share it to you whenever you want :D

02.05.2021 01:37

Woah you got such an amazing response. All the entries were quite amazing! We don't remember arranging a dessert photography contest in a long time! Soon it may be with us too.

Great work and nice choice! Well done.
Long Live pakistan. Long Live Steemit!

02.05.2021 20:09

Thank you! It all happened because of your support. I surely got a very good response and even I wanted to participate in my own contest.

It would be great if steemit pak organize a similar contest. Maybe then I will be able to participate. 😂

02.05.2021 20:18

All the entries are amazing they all are deserving rewards :P
the 1st winner entry is creative one

03.05.2021 06:20


03.05.2021 06:26

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04.05.2021 13:20