Powered-up for SPUD | JUNE 1, 2021

The power-up day has arrived finally. Yesterday, I announced that I will be participating in June's SPUD. This is my first participation in this contest. I did it not to win, but to grow my account.

I did power up 80 steem today and total of 580 steem in this whole week.(Here's the proof )

Here are the screenshots of my wallet before and after today's power-u.

Before the power-up :

Power-up process:

Post Power-up :

Good luck to all those participating. Not that you need it because you already got it - you just powered-up. :)

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Congratulations 🥳♥️ MashAllah 😍

01.06.2021 13:33


01.06.2021 14:02

Excellent power up you hav e done - great to see you pass the 2000sp mark

I worked out you had a 4.16% increase

02.06.2021 02:05

Thank you for arranging this contest. I will try my best next month too.

02.06.2021 18:53

welovepowerups 😀

02.06.2021 16:57

Thank you so much for the upvote. Your support always encourages me to do more powerups. Will definitely take part in #powerup50pc as well and teach others to do so.

06.06.2021 13:19

Good job.

03.06.2021 01:20