Why do I need EVEN tokens

Forging: the higher stake makes more money

In contrast to PoW mining, in PoS mining, the primary is not the power of the equipment, but the amount of the stake. The EVEN consensus algorithm takes into account several factors, one of the most important is a stake. To become a miner and earn money, the owner of the EVEN tokens can run a node or rent a virtual node.
Income Source: Token emission
When will be available: the third quarter of 2019

Commission on network operations

The EVEN network will charge a fee for the exchange of cryptocurrencies and a fee from owners of decentralized applications for the consumption of certain resources. 80% of this commission will be sent to the owners of the nodes, which are supported with the pledge in EVEN tokens.
Source of income: users
When will be available: the fourth quarter of 2019

The demand for a token: why hold EVEN

Basic smart contracts in the EVEN network are free. To avoid DDoS ​​attacks and wasting network resources, developers need to place a pledge in a smart contract. Thus, with an increase in the number of decentralized applications, the number of locked tokens in the network will grow and the demand for the token will increase.
When will be available: the fourth quarter of 2019

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