I’m always having so much fun doing this CrossFit class. even though today was hard... ...

... 2 sleepless nights in a row just took the little energy I had left, but I did the most I could and what my body allowed me to do. postpartum recovery is harder than I had expected. I thought I would just get my fitness level back in no time, but here I am almost7 months out still struggling to do stuff that was once easy for me... but it’s a marathon, not a race.


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Haha! That is a good shot with a lot of fun and healthy people.

My better half loves her CrossFit to stay active and competing.

Just don’t injure yourself and have to miss bjj!

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29.12.2019 00:49

ah Zeke, I haven't been back to BJJ yet. I only went once, and I realized how out of shape I am. I didn't go back after that. I miss it a lot, but realized I have to take it slow and shouldn't put the wagon in front of the horse LOL. Hopefully soon though!

29.12.2019 00:53

Looks like allot of fun..,

29.12.2019 20:03