DIY Diaper Rash Oil - Never deal with diaper rash ever again!

This very simple oil mix will prevent your baby from developing an uncomfortable diaper rash. Simple, quick and very cost effective recipe!

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Just what I was looking for 😁

Hope you guys are well!

28.11.2019 07:59

ahahah I hope you don-t have any rashes in funny places LOL

All good on our end, the little one is growing so fast! How about you? How' did the job situation turn out?

28.11.2019 12:40

Umm, no funnier than the usual 😁

Glad to hear all is well!

I started my new new job this week and so far so good. Not much time for Steem but I plan to buy my way to riches instead!

28.11.2019 16:32

oh wow this week? Congrats then! =) hop you like it!!!

29.11.2019 14:27