DEC Will Surely PUMP!!! - Evan Stinger's Splinterland Series #05

With Latest Update, DEC Will Surely PUMP!!!

Splinterland Dev Team just officially announced a significant update which empowering Splinterland's utility token, DarkEnergyCrystal a.k.a DEC!

If you played SteemMonsters before its rebranding phase to Splinterland, you'd probably played before DEC era.

With the addition of DEC, SteemMonsters adds its value for active players (not just the whales), and now with Market implementation, DEC will open the new way for Active Players to be able to upgrade their decks using their hard earned DEC!

DEC on Tournament Prize Pools

The Dev Team not just stop there, they make sure DEC getting more utility value by re-standardize the Tournament Pool Prize System.

The Dev Team ensure us that Splinterland will stay committed to maintain the same Tournament Prize Pool in USD value, but instead of using STEEM or SBD as prize and entry fee, they will use DEC!

Now, this is the news we're waiting to hear!
This will make active players motivated, and hopefully strengthen the economic of the game by bringing balance between active players and whales.

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