Bonus DEC and Shop Discount from Guild! - Evan Stinger's Splinterland Series #14


Bonus DEC and Shop Discount from Guild Benefit are GROWING!

A month has passed since the first time Guild being implemented. Players gathered and created guilds, recruiting and start leveling their Guilds.

I joined Guild, and currently our Guild is on Level 5 (on Quest Lodge). This level gives us +4% DEC Bonus and 2% OFF Shop Discount

This bonus and discount could grow farther if we continue grind this Quest Lodge


It's certainly need a lot of work, and additional guild members will help a lot. To be able to house more guild members, Guild need to upgrade their Guild Hall, this need a heap amount of DEC!

But, we are working on it.

I belive, one day our hard work will pay off! 💪🏼

Cheers 🍻

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22.08.2019 18:37