2 Daily Quests in a Day? - Evan Stinger's Splinterland Series #06

I got 2 Daily Quests Reward in a day!

Is that possible?
Yeah, but it's because I missed yesterday's Daily Quest and just managed to finished it today.

So, after I get that half finished quest done, the next quest became available right away.

That's why I got 2 Daily Quests Rewards today:

After all, both of this quests Rewards was not too good 😅

May be my luck will get better tomorrow.

See you on the Battlefield!

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Fine, we reblogged your post to thousand followers.. Thanks to approve us as your witness.

07.08.2019 17:59

Yeah happens to me sometimes also, shame about the low value cards, what’s your plans for the cards? Keep them or burn for DEC?

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07.08.2019 23:18

Yeah, soon DEC burning will be a bit strange, because the latest update will make possible to sell/buy cards using DEC!

08.08.2019 12:39