100 Days to Gold League - Evan Stinger's Splinterland Series #00

Hello World!

I finally used that famous placeholder words to start my journey in Steemit's platform. LoL! 🤣

I'm a natural born gamer, I've been playing games since game-watch (pre-Atari/Nintendos era). Alas, since I jumped to Crypto space and started numerous projects, I barely have time to play.

So, now I'm a casual gamer.

I started SteemMonster a.k.a Splinterland because I invested into this game thru SEEDGerminator project listing and I saw this game potentials. Splinterland will revolutionize the Trading Card Game space with promising blockchain technology and growing user bases.

I play SteemMonster sparingly, but never missed any season. I climb the leaderboard steadily while learning the game complex rules and strategies.

I truly enjoy the challenges, without being too demanding, SteemMonster shockingly fit the casual gamer niche. I could play it while waiting coffee or meals being served, I could play it with sporadic spare times. Freedom!

Now, after 100 days of casual gaming, I successfully break into Gold League!

This success encourage me to start a daily mini-blogging series of my journey with SteemMonster.

See you on the battlefield!

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