How are you all doing? I hope you guys are all fine?
I pleases me after several attempts to publish my achievement one post I am finally going to do it right this time.
Please sir @bright-obias, @cryptokannon pardon me for my abrupt behavior and adamant nature to abide to instructions. I am sorry for the stress caused so far and I hope this meets the all possible requirements of the #Achievement1 post.


I will like to kick of with the introduction by introducing my self first before going into detail with other necessary information needed for the purpose of this achievement.

I am Odama Eunice by name. I hail from Obudu local government Area of Cross River State. A student of University of Ibadan in the Department of Chemistry.
Despite the fact that I am in the sciences, I have the undying love for Fashion, music, Tradition and the unquenchable thirst for things of the arts. It is on this background I will like to say I am a practicing Model, And from here I will like to draw out and share my HOBBIES with you guys.



Out of many things I find my self doing the below listed are what I discover keeps me going and what is find my self falling in love with every day of my life.

Singing(My love for singing is like breathing, how can I stop singing when is still breath).
Reading(Reading is simply part of our every day life and it will interest you all to know majority of the population choose reading as part of their hobby)
Dancing(like every normal girl, I find dancing interesting even thou I still do find it hard to make good moves. And Dancing is one good art that helps me blend with good songs, this makes dancing and singing my most favorite)
Research making(like every serious scientist, I find research very interesting and fun fill. It helps give me a wider and easy understanding of most scientific terms)
Sports(For the love of football. Sport is also one of my favorite hobby. I find my self so engross in it that is just cant let go)



As a scientist, Research is my thing. So I will say one of my most reason for joining this great platform for researcher purposes.
Also, to be entangled into an entirely new world. (The world of #Cryptocurries.)
Not withstanding I am a student and am hoping to use this platform to pay most of my bills as an independent woman as I am.

I will like to cut a draw by saying Thanks to every one who has supported my since the very day I joined this platform.
To the notice of:

I wish this meets the all possible required standard of this Achievement #achievement1

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Welcome to steemit @eunice001. My best wishes of success for you, both in steemit and in your studies in the area of chemistry. I share some links with you, hoping that these are useful for you.. Congratulations on submitting your achievement 1. Achievements within this platform are very important to our development.There are interesting communities to publish and participate in contests. The recommendations of the representatives are very important. To Food, I recommend steemfoods.


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Welcome to the steemit community @eunice001, I trust you will enjoy your stay here in the steemit community, all of us @steemit and @steemalive are happy to have you.

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Thanks Alot for your support

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