It Feels Better to Be a Gambling Addict

If you are new here, I am making high risk trades to pay off my defaulted student loans. These are the same trades which caused me to default in the first place. My day job + low cost of living in Wisconsin will allow me to exit default by September 2021. When I make a good trade, I put some of the proceeds towards my student debt, and continue to gamble the rest.

My goal is to pay down my $179,000 of student loans in 3-5 years, verses the 30 years my payment provider estimated. My highest balance was $196,000 and I already paid off $17,000 from stock trades alone.

Today I traded my 1,400 shares of WeedMaps stock for call options controlling 5,300 shares. Increased risk reward. Never take financial advice from a gambling addict in student loan default. This could all go terribly wrong and result in public humiliation.


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They said that trading is not for gamblers, if you want to make trading your bread and butter, but in your case I think it is working. ;) Hope I got all the courage like what you have as well as the funds for trading, so I could live through trading too.

15.04.2021 06:49

Thanks for reading, I am probably going to get out of the market and do something real with my life soon, but have to be in while it is the roaring 20's.

17.04.2021 02:57