Greg Hunter: Weekly News Wrap-Up for Week Ending 25 October 2019

Greg Hunter provides a wrap-up of the news during the past week with his own unique commentary and perspective.


  • (00:10) FISA Abuse Report "nearing completion";
  • (01:45) Secret impeachment inquiry;
  • (02:33) Group of Republican U.S. Representatives crash closed-door deposition;
  • (05:08) Ukrainian leader felt pressure from President Trump;
  • (06:32) War on the "Deep State";
  • (08:39) Subscriptions to Washington Post and New York Times newspapers cancelled across all Federal agencies;
  • (10:42) Phony Polling;
  • (13:46) Senator Rand Paul's statement about Senate resolution;
  • (16:03) Economy;
  • (16:18) Panic at U.S. Federal Reserve;
  • (16:47) FED injects $134 Billion in liquidity;
  • (17:34) Syria peace deal;
  • (17:54) Deutsche Bank;
  • (18:14) Boeing;
  • (18:36) Ford Credit;
  • (19:02) Big U.S. banks;
  • (20:05) Central Banks are out of ammo - UN Head demands immediate fiscal stimulus to save world from crisis;
  • (20:34) China trade deal;
  • (21:33) Drug Cartel defeats Mexican military in battle;
  • (23:57) U.S. crop harvest;
  • and more..

29 minute video by Greg Hunter published 24 October 2019


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Comments 15

Thanks for the information. I am always waiting for the latest news from you.

25.10.2019 06:26

Can they just keep printing money indefinitely, I mean they have been getting away with it for a long time now you would think some off the big investors would have lost confidence by now. Cheers mike

25.10.2019 06:39

I am hearing more and more people who have been asking that very same question, "how long can they keep it going", now say the end is much closer now. Some say it will come to an end before the year ends and others say it will be sometime next year. Either way, I think and know it cannot go on indefinitely.

The wise will prepare and ruin will come suddenly on the foolish.

You are right it is a confidence game. And some very big investors have already lost confidence. The banks are trying to keep it going because they have the most to lose.

Have a great weekend!
Steem on,

25.10.2019 23:46

For the time being, it seems that they can keep printing money indefinitely. When the system collapses, as it has too, they will walk away unscathed and leave the public at large in 'dire straits'.

At least you know what is is going on and can make preparations.

27.10.2019 12:34

Great doing mike sir thanks for sharing update interview series

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25.10.2019 07:11

thank you very much for the interview, have a good weekend

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25.10.2019 15:10

Great interview, thank you very much for sharing, have a nice weekend

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25.10.2019 16:30

Hola @etcmike, gracias por este resumen, cada semana aprendo cosas nuevas e interesantes…

25.10.2019 17:18

Greetings @etcmike, allow me to extend a new thank you for your work as this serves me very much...

Saludos @etcmike, permíteme extenderte un nuevo agradecimiento por tu trabajo ya que este me sirve de mucho…

26.10.2019 11:50

Hola @etcmike, bastante amplio este resumen, un dato muy perturbador el de la liquides de los bancos que a la final ellos mismos enredan todo para que uno no entienda nada…

26.10.2019 13:28

Tus resúmenes me encantan… @etcmike, porque sé que están disponibles sin falta y en cualquier momento del fin de semana me pongo al día. Gracias.

26.10.2019 14:31

You got a 60.29% upvote from @brupvoter courtesy of @etcmike!

27.10.2019 05:41

Thanks for using @edensgarden!

27.10.2019 05:42

There now seems to be a constant stream of banks and companies in financial trouble.

The UK Serious Fraud Office (SFO) has decided not to charge the U.K. banking institutions involved in the rigging of the LIBOR rate during the 2008 financial crisis. THE REASON - IT IS NOT IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST. WHAT!!!

This SFO decision means that powerful institutions like Central banks and Too Big to Fail banks are immune from their crimes and that they can act with impunity. THEY ARE ABOVE THE LAW!!!

Being in the UK, I'm not able to view the Washington Post and New York Times. But I often heard from many sources that it is just 'Fake News. At one time I believe, these newspapers were highly regarded for being unbiased, very factual and trustworthy.

It quite concerning the USA crop decline because of the late planting 6 months back due to cold wet weather lasting for four to six weeks, compared to previous years. Definitely food prices are going to rise, thereby increasing inflation.

If it wasn't for Greg Hunter, others and you, I would not know what is going on in the world! Our mainstream media just present news they want us to know with a political bias and 'political correctness', rather than inform the public at large the REAL NEWS.

Thanks for posting this Greg Hunter 'News Wrap-up' On Steemit.

27.10.2019 12:29

Many, if not all, of the news outlets here in the U.S. have an agenda. Even my local paper and local news outlets. My dad always told me, "don't believe everything you hear". Well that certainly is true today. Of course that should also go for what they teach (with an agenda) in school these days. No longer is critical thinking taught, it is mostly just indoctrination.
As far as crops, here in Nebraska harvest time is in full swing. Looking at the local fields (5 miles from my house), the crops look good. However, what does not get harvested by the end of today will be subjected to rain, snow, and freezing temperatures. The delay in putting crops in due to spring rains is now at risk of rain, snow, and freezing temperatures during harvest time. Looking at the fields around my house, harvesting is about 75% done.

Yes, it seems that many companies are in trouble. Without "free money" from central banks, many would likely be no longer. I do not think it will be a good Christmas. While I will be looking to pick up a few items at great sale prices, I do not intend to spend as much as I have in previous years.

Have a great week!
Steem on,

27.10.2019 19:04