Greg Hunter: Weekly News Wrap-Up for Week Ending 24 January 2020

Greg Hunter provides a wrap-up of the news during the past week with his own unique commentary and perspective.


  • (00:45) Second Amendment rally in Virginia;
  • (00:54) Impeachment inquiry in the U.S. House of Representatives;
  • (01:58) Impeachment trial in the U.S. Senate;
  • (04:53) Democratic party primary debates;
  • (06:31) Political corruption;
  • (10:57) U.S. tax cut proposal;
  • (11:44) U.S. Speaker of the House on impeachment process: It's Not a question of "proof" it's about "allegations";
  • (13:37) Economy;
  • (14:43) U.S. Federal Reserve's Treasury Bill purchases are "basically" Quantitative Easing (QE);
  • (15:09) Martin Armstrong's new book: "Manipulating the World Economy";
  • (15:44) Ray Dalio, hedge fund manager, in Davos says "Cash is trash", investors should diversify portfolio with gold;
  • (16:37) Fighting the global daisy chain of default;
  • (19:07) Could the economy crash?;
  • (23:25) U.S. President's speech in Davos;
  • (24:23) Economic corruption;
  • and more..

27 minute video by Greg Hunter published 23 January 2020


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Thank you, I liked reading the news. Thanks for the latest information.

24.01.2020 08:45

Saludos @etcmike, ya habíamos mencionado esto, no basta con tener la razón, hay que usar argumentos con los que puedas luchar. Trump llego donde está siendo astuto y posiblemente se quede un rato más…

24.01.2020 13:07

When President Clinton was impeached but not removed, the U.S. House of Representatives sent impeachment documents to the U.S. Senate with exact U.S. Federal codes (statutes/laws) that were violated.
When the U.S. House sent impeachment documents to the U.S. Senate, the documents contained no specific U.S. Federal code violations they just contained allegations.
The U.S. system of justice is supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. It was the U.S. House of Representatives job to act like a grand jury to determine which laws were violated (after all they are law makers) and determine if there is reasonable proof from an investigation to proceed to a trial in the U.S. Senate.
Then there is the issue of the U.S. Constitution stating high crimes and misdemeanors. Again, the U.S. House impeachment documents contained no specific statutes of high crimes and misdemeanors.

This is a very serious situation before the U.S. Senate. But truthfully to me it seems like a political soap opera.

Have a great weekend!
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24.01.2020 13:51

interesting and informative interview, thank you for sharing

24.01.2020 15:23

Interesting and
Informative interview,
Thank you for sharing

                 - sergey44

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24.01.2020 15:23

Hola @etcmike, Estas personas sí que saben… ¡¡¡Saben cómo complicarse la vida y complicársela a los demás!!!...

24.01.2020 16:16

Thank you very much for sharing a great one interview with GREG HUNTER, good luck

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24.01.2020 17:07

Hola @etcmike, sea fraude o no siguen existiendo las consecuencias de todo este desastre y lo peor es que esas consecuencias siguen creciendo.

24.01.2020 18:53