Greg Hunter: Weekly News Wrap-Up for Week Ending 20 December 2019

Greg Hunter provides a wrap-up of the news during the past week with his own unique commentary and perspective.


  • (00:12) Impeachment vote in U.S. House of Representatives;
  • (02:23) Picture: "In reality they're not after me, they're after you. I'm just in the way.";
  • (09:36) U.S. Department of Justice report;
  • (09:56) Articles of impeachment;
  • (11:07) 2nd Amendment sanctuary movement continues to grow in the state of Virginia;
  • (14:37) Poll by Washington Post about 2nd Amendment;
  • (15:04) Rudy Giuliani rips into crooked Ambassador Yovanovitch;
  • (18:16) William Barr say Comey lying over attempt to distance himself from FBI quagmire;
  • (21:50) Overnight repo market;
  • (25:55) Holiday schedule;
  • and more..

30 minute video by Greg Hunter published 19 December 2019


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thanks for sharing with GREG HUNTER, good luck

20.12.2019 09:31

Saludos @etcmike, gran resumen, si que estuvo fuerte esta semana, es verdad ya esto no es un juicio es una guerra…

Greetings @etcmike, great summary, you were really strong this week, it's true this is no longer a trial it's a war...

20.12.2019 11:01

El detalle de estos conflictos es que opacan cosas realmente importantes… Buen día @etcmike

The detail of these conflicts is that they obscure really important things... Good day @etcmike...

20.12.2019 11:05

Sin duda alguna este desastre tendrá alcances más allá de lo esperado. Gracias por compartir tan excelente resumen @etcmike, Feliz fin de semana.

20.12.2019 11:13

Como dice Greg Hunter los intereses están demasiado polarizados, ahora me pregunto esto será parte del show o todavía falta más… Gracias por compartirlo @etcmike.

20.12.2019 11:21

Hola @etcmike, esperemos que estas navidades sigan tranquilas para el resto de las personas y ellos hagan una tregua hasta el año que viene. Feliz fin de semana…
Hello @etcmike, let's hope that this Christmas will be quiet for the rest of the people and they will make a truce until next year. Happy weekend...

20.12.2019 11:29

Como que falta mucho camino por delante, posiblemente termine el periodo presidencial pero el juicio no, en cuanto la economía es otro disfraz del que tenemos que zafarnos personalmente buscando una independencia económica… gran resumen, feliz fin de semana.

20.12.2019 11:51

Thank you very much for sharing a great interview with GREG HUNTER, have a nice day

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20.12.2019 15:45

Very good summary friend, already reading the other comments, I see that there are some people who I think do not understand this great summary, with good news, I hope you continue to do so.

20.12.2019 16:50

Hunter is perfect at summarizing the news though.
Merry Christmas!

20.12.2019 20:26

Hunter is perfect
At summarizing the news
Though. Merry Christmas!

                 - praditya

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20.12.2019 20:26