Greg Hunter Interview: Rob Kirby - Either Money Is Printed or Financial System Implodes

Greg Hunter interviews Rob Kirby, macroeconomic analyst and founder of, about the debt, economy, gold, and markets.


  • (01:07) Is the U.S. Federal Reserve's repo market now permanent?;
  • (06:09) Is this quantitative easing?;
  • (10:35) What is going on with the prices of other precious metals like rhodium?;
  • (13:10) Is the U.S. Federal Reserve afraid of interest rates spiking?;
  • (14:46) What would happen if interest rates spike?;
  • (15:56) Can printing money stave off a collapse?;
  • (19:41) How do you think this ends and when?;
  • (21:48) How does this relate to the impeachment of a U.S. President?;
  • (25:32) Don't investors need some type of precious metals?;
  • And more...

32 minute video by Greg Hunter published 18 January 2020

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Fed Prints Money or Financial System Implodes – Rob Kirby


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Comments 12

Thank you very much for sharing a great interview with GREG HUNTER, good luck

Posted using Partiko Android

19.01.2020 08:14

Thank you for an interesting interview. I watched with pleasure.

19.01.2020 09:54

Hola @etcmike, ya en el pasado hubo quien pensó que los mercados terminarían siendo gobernados por una jauría de lobos que no solo se despedazarían así mismos sino que empujarían toda la economía al abismo, esto da miedo…

Hello @etcmike, already in the past there were those who thought that the markets would end up being ruled by a pack of wolves that would not only tear themselves apart but would push the whole economy into the abyss, this is scary...

19.01.2020 11:54

Wow... that kinda sums things up!

Have a great week!
Steem on,

19.01.2020 17:19

great interview with GREG HUNTER, thanks for sharing

19.01.2020 12:37

Saludos @etcmike, si en realidad Estados Unidos está quebrado y eso saldrá a la luz más temprano que tarde, imagino que los mercados estarán fluyendo hacia donde hay buenas expectativas habrá que seguir esa corriente ya que según cree Rob Kirby terminaran bloqueando los mercados de metales preciosos y si eso pasa habrán muchos decomisos.

Greetings @etcmike, if in fact the United States is broke and that will come to light sooner rather than later, I imagine that the markets will be flowing towards where there are good expectations we will have to follow that current as Rob Kirby believes they will end up blocking the precious metals markets and if that happens there will be many seizures.

19.01.2020 12:56

The only reason the bankruptcy of the United States does not reveal itself now is that the U.S. dollar is the world reserve currency. One day, the U.S. dollar will not be the reserve currency and there will be a day of reckoning for the United States.

Another problem is that nearly every other currency in the world is a fiat currency like the U.S. dollar.

As Rob Kirby suggests, the world will look to a tangible currency. And that could even be a block chain currency. However, a centralized block chain currency is no better than fiat. It would have to be a type of decentralized block chain currency in my opinion.

As for gold seizures, it may happen in some countries but the majority of U.S. citizens have a very small amount of gold in their possession. It would not be worth confiscating the gold from the majority of people in the United States. But the United States could nationalize gold mines or force them to hand over their gold to the U.S. government at a certain price.

Be safe and be prepared!

Have a great week!
Steem on,

19.01.2020 17:18

Hola @etcmike, Bueno tenemos que seguir aprendiendo de criptomonedas para poder saber en qué dirección debemos ir.
Hello @etcmike, Well we have to keep learning about cryptomonies so we can know which direction we should go.

19.01.2020 14:15

My suggestion would be to keep learning about crypto-currencies but only invest or focus on the main crypto-currencies like BTC, ETH, LTC and one or two others.

Besides STEEM I also like THETA. you can earn TFUEL (the gas of THETA) by running the Edge Catcher or watching THETA.TV

THETA is a lot like STEEM when it started out. STEEM just started with SteemIt. And THETA just started with THETA.TV but like the STEEM blockchain there will be more uses for THETA and TFUEL in the future. THETA is a long term investment idea.

Have a great week!
Steem on,

19.01.2020 17:09

Ya el problema real lo sabemos, lo interesante ahora sería que alguien comience a buscar soluciones que sean tan reales como este desastre.

19.01.2020 15:18

In my opinion any financial solution will be painful but not as painful as the financial disaster in the end.
The best thing for individuals to do is be prepared for the worst.
Rob Kirby mentioned several things to do including owning some crypto's. But Greg Hunter is not a crypto-currency proponent so he deflected.

If we prepare for the worst then in the end we may very well be better off. But for those not prepared there will be suffering and unrest.

I am starting to look into indoor gardening, hydroponics, and so forth. The truth is the climate is changing. All factors considered the human factor is very small. When you know your place in the universe and see the bigger picture, then you will have a perspective on what is coming and be able to do what you can to prepare.

There is great hope for those who are prepared.

Have a great week!
Steem on,

19.01.2020 17:01

Economics have never been my cup of tea. but I really like to listen such subjected interviews. Although here is the end of weekend, but hopefully on your side of earth it must be day time.
Keep sharing such informative stuff.

19.01.2020 19:43