Greg Hunter Interview: Rick Ackerman - The Un-payable Global Debt

Greg Hunter interviews Rick Ackerman, financial writer, professional trader, and founder of, about the debt, economy, gold, and markets.


  • (00:42) What is going on with the overnight repo market in the U.S.?;
  • (01:50) Is everything okay in the financial world?;
  • (03:07) How bad is it?;
  • (04:26) What could go wrong?;
  • (06:04) How does this all tie back into the overnight repo market?;
  • (07:12) What is worse coming down the road?;
  • (09:01) Is the global financial system ready to blow up?;
  • (10:58) Is an unimaginable amount of cash being funneled into the market?;
  • (13:05) Is this going to kill the confidence in the U.S. dollar?;
  • (19:52) What about state (public) pensions?;
  • (22:54) Do you ultimately think some U.S. states will default on their pensions?;
  • (24:20) Is the basic problem we have too much debt?;
  • (28:28) Do you think the U.S. is going to get a trade deal?;
  • (30:30) Do you think there is any danger in the near term?;
  • (32:28) What do you think about gold and silver?;
  • (36:28) Do you see a mad max scenario coming?;
  • And more...

41 minute video by Greg Hunter published 30 November 2019

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Fed Out of Bailout Bullets – Rick Ackerman


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Comments 9

Thank you very much for sharing a great interview with GREG HUNTER, have a good day and a great mood

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01.12.2019 11:42

Hola @etcmike, sin dudas Greg siempre transmite otra dinámica en sus entrevistas. Gracias por facilitarnos las cosas, feliz día…

01.12.2019 11:49

Saludos @etcmike, bastante interesante esta entrevista, lo más difícil de estos temas es que cambian de dirección todo el tiempo y hay que seguirles la trayectoria porque si no nos confundimos, gracias por compartirlo…

01.12.2019 12:04

interesting report with GREG HUNTER, thank you very much for the information

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01.12.2019 12:31

Al parecer muchos tienen opiniones similares, todo se está tornando en una ruleta rusa, gracias por compartirlo estimado @etcmike.

01.12.2019 12:44

i hope the trade wars will not begin on a much large scale again

01.12.2019 13:06

Pareciera que la reserva federal está integrada por personas que les pagan para que todo salga mal.???????

01.12.2019 13:07

Es verdad todos los escenarios dan miedo pero como dice Rick Ackerman todo tendrá que seguir funcionando bajo una falsa prosperidad, claro no es lo ideal pero es la cruda realidad…

It's true all scenarios are scary but as Rick Ackerman says everything will have to continue working under a false prosperity, of course not ideal but is the harsh reality...

01.12.2019 13:40

Rick Ackerman's opinion is very optimistic, even though he himself is aware that the amount of financial rescues are becoming unattainable by the federal reserve...

Muy optimista la opinión de Rick Ackerman, aun cuando el mismo esta consiente que la cantidad de rescates financieros, se están tornando inalcanzables por la reserva federal…

01.12.2019 14:06