Greg Hunter Interview: Peter Schiff - The End of the U.S. Dollar

Greg Hunter interviews Peter Schiff, money manager at Euro Pacific Capital and Schiff Gold, about the debt, economy, gold, and markets.


  • (00:36) What is going on in the overnight repo market?;
  • (04:45) What is the end goal?;
  • (08:19) How does an uncontrolled spike in interest rates happen?;
  • (13:00) What do you mean by a inflationary depression?;
  • (20:39) Do you think both stocks and bonds will take a hit?;
  • (27:03) Is there a new currency at some point?;
  • (30:43) How high do you think the price of gold will go?;
  • (34:31) What are your thoughts on silver?;
  • (36:54) Thoughts on the U.S. election;
  • And more...

42 minute video by Greg Hunter published 8 October 2019

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Global Debt Bubble a Gigantic Time Bomb – Peter Schiff


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Great series Mike sir thanks for sharing,

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09.10.2019 07:03

Saludos @etcmike, es un mercado incierto y hay que estar alerta, que mejor forma sino es estar bien informado, gracias por el enlace…

Greetings @etcmike, it is an uncertain market and we must be alert, which best way but is to be well informed, thank you for the link...

09.10.2019 12:20

Se sigue asomando esa mala idea @etcmike, pero es mejor prevenir que lamentar, Gracias… Feliz día.

You keep coming up with that bad idea @etcmike, but it's better to be safe than sorry, Thank you... Happy day.

09.10.2019 12:25

Estar pendiente del Dollar siempre causa malestar pero no se puede hacer nada, hay que estar al día… Gracias @etcmike que tenga un lindo día…


Being aware of the Dollar always causes discomfort but you can't do anything, you have to be up to date... Thank you @etcmike who has a nice day...

09.10.2019 13:01

Warned war does not die soldier, but when war seems to never arrive the vast majority is neglected, thank you for the link friend @etcmike...

Guerra avisada no muere soldado, pero cuando la guerra parece que nunca llega la gran mayoría se descuida, gracias por el enlace amigo @etcmike

09.10.2019 13:20

Gracias @etcmike, se aprecia tu esfuerzo…

Thank you @etcmike, your effort is appreciated...

09.10.2019 14:28

Thanks for sharing the news with GREG HUNTER, have a nice day

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09.10.2019 14:57

Thank you very much for sharing the interview with GREG HUNTER, happy and successful week

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09.10.2019 16:22

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10.10.2019 09:00

You got a 51.80% upvote from @brupvoter courtesy of @etcmike!

10.10.2019 09:02

Not sure he really answered the question: What is going on in the overnight repo market?
Says that the markets want higher interest rates, but the Fed wants lower interest rates and so has introduced more QE. I'm unconvinced by this answer!

He agrees with Alan Greenspan that there has to be a uncontrolled spike in interest rates interest rates. Well in Europe and Japan they are going for negative interest rates and have been doing so for quite awhile. So that seems to be the direction it is going.

He is an opponent of Bitcoin and constantly derides it. Yet, you can buy gold at SchiffGold with Bitcoin -

Thank you for posting this Greg Hunter interview with Peter Schiff on Steemit.

11.10.2019 00:13

Peter Schiff is a die-hard gold bug. And very long winded at times.

I agree that he did not answer what is going on in the overnight repo market like he was asked.

Here is a recent video from Bix Weir who has been following the overnight repo market. In his past videos he has mentioned that the bank(s) needing the money (overnight loan) has only toxic assets for collateral and no bank wants to take the loan. This is why the FED has had to step in.

Here is Bix's 19 minute video posted 10/10/2019:
ALERT! Another HUGE Bank Bailout of $236B Today...and RISING!! (Bix Weir)

Have a great weekend!
Steem on,

11.10.2019 11:09

Thanks for your reply.

This certainly makes more sense and not the lame excuses given by Jerome Powell. We are now in QE 4 or have always been in QE since 2008. As others have said, there is no way out.

All the best.

11.10.2019 14:22

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11.10.2019 20:41