Greg Hunter Interview: Michael Pento - Brutal Market Meltdown Coming

Greg Hunter interviews Michael Pento, economist and money manager at Pento Portfolio Strategies, about the debt, economy, gold, and markets.


  • (00:03) Introduction of Michael Pento, author of "The Coming Bond Market Collapse: How to Survive the Demise of the U.S. Debt Market";
  • (00:48) What is going on behind the scenes?;
  • (09:43) Why is the U.S. Federal Reserve panicking?;
  • (16:42) Are you saying that companies will go bust if the debt is not rolled over?;
  • (24:29) What could cause a collapse early?;
  • (27:13) Could this happen over a weekend?;
  • (30:05) What do you think about the political backdrop going on?;
  • (35:31) Is there a giant default coming?;
  • (36:42) Could this go haywire in a hurry?;
  • (40:17) Is all of this (what the FED is doing) going to work?;
  • And more...

45 minute video by Greg Hunter published 26 October 2019

Link Associated with this Interview

Fed Panics & Starts Massive Money Printing – Michael Pento


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