Greg Hunter Interview: John Williams - The U.S. Federal Reserve Has Lost Control of the Financial System

Greg Hunter interviews John Williams, economist and founder of, about the debt, economy, inflation, and markets.


  • (00:31) Is U.S. unemployment and the economy as good as advertised?;
  • (09:45) What is going to happen this time?;
  • (12:45) Are you seeing a 4th quarter economic contraction now?;
  • (14:10) Tell us about how there can be a economic decline when the U.S. Federal Reserve is pumping out money;
  • (15:14) What does this tell us about how weak the economy is?;
  • (16:25) Is what is happening in the overnight repo market troubling?;
  • (17:40) Has the U.S. federal reserve lost control of the financial system?;
  • (19:49) What is the U.S. inflation rate?;
  • (24:55) If the FED keeps printing money will inflation go up?;
  • (26:56) Are you predicting more rate cutting and money printing?;
  • (28:06) What effect to you think the current political climate will have on the economy?;
  • And more...

33 minute video by Greg Hunter published 7 December 2019

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Economy Still Falling Off a Cliff – John Williams


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Comments 6

Thanks very much for the interview with GREG HUNTER, have a nice day

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08.12.2019 11:53

Interesting news. Thank you for the information and the latest news.

08.12.2019 12:29

thank you very much for sharing the interview with GREG HUNTER, have a nice day

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08.12.2019 14:06

Hola @etcmike, excelente entrevista, John Williams puede tener toda la razón pero gran parte de las personas no tienen esos conocimientos y no ven este tipo de noticias eso le da toda la ventaja a Fed, por esta razón lo hacen…

08.12.2019 14:11

Saludos @etcmike, será que en algún momento tuvieron el control del sistema, y si es así estuvieron conscientes de que lo tenían…

09.12.2019 01:44

Good point. They lost control around 2008, and the only way they have managed to maintain a (failing) semblance of control is by opening wide the spigots and printing unlimited shitloads of money.

Hardly a sustainable strategy. They're doomed.

They can print much more money, and thereby kick the can further down the road. But that will only exacerbate the problem.

There will be inflation, hyperinflation, unemployment, a crippling "greatest" depression, and more. Hang on tight.

09.12.2019 13:12