Greg Hunter Interview: John Rubino - Fears that the Next Crash Will Be Fatal

Greg Hunter interviews John Rubino, author, financial writer, and founder of, about the debt, economy, gold, and markets.


  • (01:37);
  • (02:42) Are there flashing signs that something wicked is coming?;
  • (08:40) What are your thoughts on the over-night repo market?;
  • (13:27) Isn't the cash infusion permanent?;
  • (16:04) Why are the central banks buying gold?;
  • (18:13) Are we in this mess because rich people were bailed out?;
  • (24:51) What keeps you up at night?;
  • And more...

37 minute video by Greg Hunter published 16 November 2019

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Fed Fears Next Crash Fatal – John Rubino


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Comments 11

Greg may ask the question correctly. Great interview. Thanks for the news.

17.11.2019 07:37

Greg Hunter interview nice series thanks Mike sir for sharing here.

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17.11.2019 08:02

Thank you very much for the interview with GREG HUNTER, good luck

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17.11.2019 08:14

From having been admired and praised, Warren Buffet is constantly ridiculed by financial commentators, such as Greg Hunger, Max Keiser, Gregory Mannarino etc. He was just bailed out and lost nothing, but not the average person.

John Rubino is right by saying that governments should not be running deficits if employment levels are high and the economy is doing so well. This really shows what is happening.

Now more respected fund managers are saying buy gold. This speaks volumes!

Christine Laggard, now the head of the ECB, is a convicted criminal and was given a fine and a prison sentence of up to one year. That was waived and she kept her job at the IMF.

Thank you for posting this Greg Hunter interview with John Rubino on Steemit.

17.11.2019 11:36

I live south of Omaha, Nebraska the home of the oracle of Omaha. Yes, Warren Buffet was bailed out and handed a sweet-heart deal to use Berkshire-Hathaway cash to lend out to financial institutions with extremely good terms.

I hold one share of baby-Berks so that I can go to several stores in Omaha and get shareholder only deals during the Berkshire Hathaway shareholders meeting. I have never been to one of those shareholder meetings.

I have seen first hand that Warren Buffet does not support financially conservative ideas. Warren Buffet and Berkshire Hathaway largely is out for itself. Is Warren Buffet a George Soros? No. But he is somewhere between Bill Gates and George Soros. In my opinion, closer to Bill Gates.

Yes, gold and silver have been talked about by more and more financial analysts lately. But I do not think you will hear it being touted everywhere until the elites and banks have all the gold and silver they want.

Now, Greg Hunter typically steers his guest away from talking about crypto-currencies. In my opinion, one should hold a few crypto-currencies too.

It is clear to those who have ears to hear and eyes to see that the world economy is not well. Even here in the U.S. it is clear that the economy is not strong for most. If you are in the financial industry benefiting from the free money from the Federal Reserve, then you are having a good year. But the overnight repo market is demonstrating that all is not well in the banking sector.

I saw that the central bank was set on fire in Iran. When the system finally fails, the people will blame something. Right now the banks and central banks are at the heart of it. When the system does finally fail, there will be much unrest.

Make the most of your week ahead!
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17.11.2019 22:20

Now, Greg Hunter typically steers his guest away from talking about crypto-currencies. In my opinion, one should hold a few crypto-currencies too.

Yes, I do very much agree! However, Greg Hunter does cover the financial issues that does matter, so I forgive him for that, as I want to know what is going on - the main stream media do not do that! As you have said in the past, he is a precious metals buff.

Just seen reports that the central bank was set on fire in Iran - not seen that in the main stream media. I wonder why?

If you are in the financial industry benefiting from the free money from the Federal Reserve, then you are having a good year.

Ray Dalio has just admitted that, so he is concerned as it cannot last.


Much obliged for you comments.



17.11.2019 23:26

Hola @etcmike, al parecer es más importante sacar a flote a uno u otro rico que quiebra, y no es tan importante mantener bien la estabilidad economía del país.

17.11.2019 12:47

You are correct.

Causing the rich pain would reduce contributions to politicians who want money and power more than what is good for the country.

Have a great week!
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18.11.2019 09:19

Algunas cosas por más que tratemos de entenderlas @etcmike, no podemos, solo las entienden aquellos que les conviene…

17.11.2019 13:42

excellent, informative interview, thank you very much for the information, good luck

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17.11.2019 13:59

Posiblemente amigo @etcmike hay cosas que no las manejamos por el simple hecho de no estar en esos puestos, y por ende no lo entenderemos a menos que estemos allí sentados…

17.11.2019 14:51