Greg Hunter Interview: Craig Hemke - Nearing a Financial Crash

Greg Hunter interviews Craig Hemke, financial writer and precious metals expert at, about the debt, economy, gold, and markets.


  • (00:46) Road to financial perdition;
  • (01:15) What are the warning signs on the road to perdition?;
  • (07:18) Based on the United Nations (U.N.) statement, what are they seeing in the world economy?;
  • (10:21) Is something emminent??;
  • (13:37) Will the political situation in Washington, D.C. tank the economy?;
  • (15:27) Do we have many crises happening at the same time?;
  • (18:21) Do you think we are headed for a financial collapse?;
  • (22:39) Buying gold and silver;
  • (24:02) Will the current debt be defaulted on?;
  • (26:04) Talk about your online community;
  • And more...

32 minute video by Greg Hunter published 22 October 2019

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Fed Pawn Shop Repo Market Shows Panic Mode ‚Äď Craig Hemke


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Thanks @etcmike sir great job nice interview series ūüĎć

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23.10.2019 09:07

informative interview with GREG HUNTER, thank you very much for sharing, have a good day

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23.10.2019 11:39

Hola @etcmike, aunque parezca ilógico es Bueno, ya que esto debería terminar con el colapso económico que tenemos en puerta desde hace mucho tiempo… Gracias por compartirlo…

23.10.2019 13:36

Hello @etcmike, although it seems illogical is Good, as this should end with the economic collapse that we have had on our doorstep for a long time ... Thank you for sharing it...

23.10.2019 13:38

Thank you, I really liked the interview.

23.10.2019 14:22

thank you very much for sharing the interview with GREG HUNTER, have a nice day

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23.10.2019 16:40

Hello @etcmike, thank you for this new interview, as we will have to go back to precious metals, as in the past, to raise a new economy...

Hola @etcmike, gracias por esta nueva entrevista, como que tendremos que acudir nuevamente a los metales preciosos, como en el pasado, hasta levantar una nueva economía…

24.10.2019 02:27

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