Greg Hunter Interview: Charles Nenner - Economic, Civil Unrest, and War Cycles

Greg Hunter interviews geopolitical and financial cycle expert Charles Nenner founder of, about the debt, economy, gold, civil unrest, and markets.


  • (00:50) Where do you see the markets going?;
  • (06:04) What do you mean by we can't stop what is going to happen?;
  • (07:18) Where do you see the markets going from here? And how far?;
  • (07:45) Explain what you mean by lower lows and lower highs;
  • (08:15) Second wave of COVID virus coming;
  • (09:21) Explain your civil unrest cycle;
  • (12:12) The rise of the East;
  • (12:30) What do you mean by the decline of the U.S.?;
  • (13:41) How long will the social unrest cycle last?;
  • (14:41) Why do you say worse times are ahead?;
  • (15:07) What do you forsee for China?;
  • (17:11) What do you forsee for Persia?;
  • (17:56) What do you think the coming disaster will look like?;
  • (19:15) What is the biggest military threat?;
  • (19:56) What do you forsee for the gold and silver markets?;
  • (21:39) What are your thoughts on the stock market?;
  • (23:11) Is there anything good on the horizon? Interest rates rising;
  • (24:43) What do you forsee for the U.S. dollar?;
  • (28:08) Tell us about your service and newsletter;
  • (28:57) What is your prediction for the U.S. election?;
  • And more...

33 minute video by Greg Hunter published 9 June 2020

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Lower Highs, Lower Lows, Eventual Dow 5,000 – Charles Nenner


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Nice👍 to share i hope future soon all things going good.

10.06.2020 12:39

Thanks sir for sharing Greg series I think after some time struggl all is well.

10.06.2020 12:41

thank you very much for the video report with GREG HUNTER, good luck

10.06.2020 14:31

interesting interview with GREG HUNTER, thank you very much for sharing, have a nice day

10.06.2020 14:54

Hello @etcmike. These economists are not prophets but their visions of the future are still scary.
Hola @etcmike. Estos economistas no son profetas pero sus visiones del futuro igual dan miedo.

10.06.2020 18:32

Many are predicting the second wave which indeed is terrible. It seems hard to stand the broken economy and then with no cure it will become harder. Charles Nenner seemed like he was well prepared as holding factual information.
Great information keep sharing.

11.06.2020 12:00