Greg Hunter Interview: Bill Holter - Desperate Acts by the Federal Reserve

Greg Hunter interviews precious metals broker and financial writer Bill Holter at, about the debt, economy, gold, and markets.


  • (00:35) Who is buying gold?;
  • (02:44) When will the price of gold go up due to a failure to deliver physical?;
  • (06:18) Is now the time people should be buying gold? What is the premium?;
  • (08:59) How would you characterize the gold market?;
  • (10:28) Do you think the debt is going to be wiped out?;
  • (11:50) What to you see ahead for the stock markets?;
  • (14:11) Is there a derivative risk in the markets?;
  • (15:08) Hyperinflation;
  • (15:50) Who is standing for delivery of physical precious metals?;
  • (17:16) What do you see happening to the U.S. dollar?;
  • (19:28) What are your thoughts about the U.S. Federal Reserve requiring zero reserves in U.S. banks?;
  • (22:25) What could go wrong with zero reserves?;
  • (23:57) Are you saying that a bank can never go out of business?;
  • (25:00) Is this a sign that we are nearing the end of this massive monetary ponzi scheme?;
  • (26:11) Should money be kept in the bank? What should the little guy do?;
  • (28:46) What do you think about the gold to silver ratio?;
  • (30:30);
  • (32:00) Is the current stand-for-delivery situation at a record high?;
  • (32:29) Is ANTIFA trying to crash the U.S.?;
  • And more...

38 minute video by Greg Hunter published 13 June 2020

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Federal Reserve’s Desperate Act – Bill Holter


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Great Greg series ☺️ risk in market but only one way here hope and believe them self .
Thanks for sharing.

14.06.2020 10:05

Great job 👍here is share money market i continue watching and search. I am also a small investment like for further.

14.06.2020 10:09

El problema sigue siendo a quienes les presta el dinero los bancos, porque a los que realmente tienen un proyecto viable, se los niegan.

14.06.2020 11:47

El problema es que el oro que existe no alcanzaría para mantener estables la economía actual…

The problem is that the gold that exists would not be enough to keep the current economy stable...

14.06.2020 12:30

I have all your answers, just ask...
June 14, 2020... 7.8 Hollywood Time...

14.06.2020 14:50

Thank you very much for the information with GREG HUNTER, good luck

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Thank you very much
For the information with
GREG HUNTER, good luck

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15.06.2020 16:00

thank you for the video with GREG HUNTER, have a good week

15.06.2020 16:11

I agree with Bill Holter Banks can never run out of business and yes there are banks out there investing in stocks.
Keep sharing, it increases general knowledge.

16.06.2020 08:38

The Federal Reserve is buying everything. Previously the FED announced it was buying all U.S. Treasuries, state and local bonds, and just recently corporate bonds.
For now to make money in the stock market, follow the FED until it can no longer prop up markets.

Have a great week!
Steem on,

16.06.2020 15:27

FED's are the real players. somewhat in a good sense. by the way missing your bird photography posts, hope you may get back onto them after this quarantine.
Good luck, stay safe.

17.06.2020 20:37

It will be that the Fed has some strategy up its sleeve because I really don't think these people are going to stand by and watch everything fall apart.

Sera que la FED tiene alguna estrategia bajo la manga porque la verdad no creo que esta gente se vaya a quedar con los brazos cruzados viendo como todo se cae a pedazos.

17.06.2020 20:38