[PLAY STEEM] Tutorial: Multiple Accounts and switching accounts

Hi, @etainclub is here!


Today I want to introduce a convenient feature of the PLAY STEEM app, which is handling multiple accounts and switching accounts.

If you use multiple accounts, the feature would be really convenient for you.
Check this demo video:

Today's guest is @soss (service to others and service to self)

As you saw in the video, you can store as many accounts as you want.
To store an account, you simply login with the account. How simple it is!
To switch an account, click the avatar on top right, then select the one you want to use.

Here are more detailed procedure:

How to do it

  • Step 1. Click the avatar on top right
  • Step 2. To store, click "Add Account"
  • Step 3. Login with the new account (posting key is preferred)
  • Step 4. To switch, click the avatar on top right
  • Step 5. Simply select the one you want to use

The letters next to the account name stand for types of keys.

  • P stands for posting key
  • A stands for active key
  • O stands for owner key
  • M stands for master password

It is preferred to use a posting key to login or sign in.

The keys are stored securely in device's keystore.

I will come back with a new cool feature of PLAY STEEM

It is time to PLAY STEEM!

Please Try and Support PLAY STEEM

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Comments 5

Thank you for upgrading.
I'll continuosly use and review play steem:)

26.03.2021 06:03

thank you for your interest!

27.03.2021 00:24


You teach us how to use multiple accounts here, but steemsea's admin community @anroja kick me out from the community as a member because of "multiple accounts claim". Remember, still claim status because till now he can't prove that I'm using multiple accounts. probably his claim based on the fake information from the fake account @kogrop.

My question is ;
---> is the use of multiple accounts allowed on this platform?

cc @steemitblog @steemcurator01 @steemcurator03 @steemcurator06

28.03.2021 23:56

i think it depends on communities. In korean communities, multi-accounts are allowed. The app simply supports you to store multiple accounts. that's all.

29.03.2021 01:05

Ok thanks, I got the point...

29.03.2021 01:47