[PLAY STEEM] Tutorial: Bookmarking a Post

Hi, @etainclub is here!


Today I want to introduce one of cool features of the PLAY STEEM app, which is bookmarking.

You can bookmark a post you like! Check the following demo video:

Today's guest is @offgridlife.

How to do it

  • Step 1. Read a post
  • Step 2. Touch 'heart' icon on top of a post if you like the post
  • Step 3. Go to Profile Screen and See Bookmarks (you might need to refresh the screen)
  • Step 4. Visit the post whenever you want
  • (Optional) Don't forget to vote the post if you like

I will come back with a new cool feature of PLAY STEEM

It is time to PLAY STEEM!

Please Try and Support PLAY STEEM

Try the app by referring to these:


The source code is open in the following site. If you have an issue about this app, please register the issue there. Or you can reply one of posts.

Please RESTEEM this post and follow @etainclub and @playsteemit which is the official account.

Thank you



Comments 5

Great! 😃

23.03.2021 02:28

Hello bro, nice to see this.

So, is your application really safe to use?

What support will you provide for each user of your application? Will the community get a vote (like the Esteem application in the past?
How can we start to make promotions to our community?

Honestly, we are very interested to see your technology development. Your feedback will be useful for us to know what you are working on for your project.

Thank you, greetings
Aceh, Indonesia.
March 25, 2021


25.03.2021 16:10

It is an initial stage now. I've just release the beta version of the mobile app as well as the source code. You can look around the source code if you feel there is something behind.

We are building a team to provide more concrete services with the community. I cannot tell you the detailed plan for now, but I hope i would soon.

Thank you for your interest and keep on eye on this project.

26.03.2021 12:15

Thanks.. for your feedback,
I am interested in following your project development.

When it's completely ready for release, let us know.

We will promote it to our community.


27.03.2021 16:51

great. thanks a lot.

27.03.2021 22:10