[PLAY STEEM] Bug Fix - login issues

There were some issues with login in the PLAY STEEM app.


  • Cannot login
  • Cannot get push notifications

These issues seem from the wrong usage of local storage when signing in.

I resolved the issue and tested on iPhone 6.

How to update

If you are an android user, you can download the new apk or your app will be updated in a day (thanks to CodePush)

If you are an iPhone user, your app will be updated automatically thanks to CodePush.


I am very sorry for the inconvenience. Especially to @cyberrn. I hope this fix works for you.

And I have to delete user information in DB of the following users because these accounts have no user data:

I checked you have some bookmarks and favorites. Please do it again.

If the problems persist, please let me know.

Please Try and Support PLAY STEEM


Try the app by referring to these:


The source code is open in the following site. If you have an issue about this app, please register the issue there. Or you can reply one of posts.

Please RESTEEM this post and follow @etainclub and @playsteemit which is the official account.

Thank you



Comments 15

Thanks friend, I will do it and I will write you again anything ... I would like to know if there is any way to keep the session open, since after I stopped using the app to open my message, when I returned, it asked me to log in again?

18.03.2021 15:44

i fixed the problem. sorry for the inconvenience. your data were not stored on the device. try login again.

18.03.2021 22:06

Thanks today it worked very well for me, I am happy because one of the functions that helps me a lot is the automatic audio reading, because I have a small baby and that makes it easier for me to do my curating tasks.

19.03.2021 02:11

wow. it is great that the function is useful for your case. You may use yr voice to post, too. It is a built-in function of mobile devices. It might be handy.

19.03.2021 02:22

If it is very useful in my case, thank you for this, today I will translate your publication into Spanish for my community in Spanish!

19.03.2021 03:01

Hi there, I just tried the PlaySteem App and it works well and great job for this.


18.03.2021 16:16

Great. Thank you for sharing your experience.

19.03.2021 01:14

수고 많으셨어유~! 💙


항상 행복한 💙 오늘 보내~! ^^
우리 스티미♨ 위로 가이원~! 힘차게~! 쭈욱~!

18.03.2021 16:29

감사합니다~~~ 좋은 삶 보내세요~

19.03.2021 01:14
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18.03.2021 16:30

I did it! Thank you for your diggiing. I am writing this commet in the playsteem App. It’s a fantastic!

18.03.2021 16:38

Great. My apologies. There was a bug in loginpart. Thanks to CodePush, your app was updated automatically to fix the issue.

Thank you for effort to use the app and share it with community.

19.03.2021 01:16

It was my pleasure. I was happy to help.

19.03.2021 01:41

I never knew that there was this steem app that you created but good job for fixing those bugs @etainclub :D

19.03.2021 07:30

i am developing both apps. thanks!

19.03.2021 08:42