The cryptocurrency market and blockchain technology has witnessed a lot of growth and a high level of adoption. This growth also reveals the inability of the available infrastructure to satisfy the growing demand. This rapid growth leads to trading delays and frequent outages and trading platforms. Here are some of the ways and techniques with which SynchroBit addresses these issues.

Affordable trading fees: Most top trading platforms require very high fees for their services. SynchroBit solves this with zero trading fees when using SNB token. Also, when other currencies are in use, a minimal trading fee is required. Users can see all the fees charged on the webpage. Unlike other platforms, the primary revenue is not from exorbitantly tasking or charging users.

Functional verification processes: SynchroBit uses You’re your Customer/Anti Money Laundering processes to verify users, and it may take up to 1 to 3 working days. These processes involve user-friendly and specific procedures to prevent law violations. If a user fails to pass the KYC/AML, users would be required to withdraw their funds and close the accounts. This closure must happen within seven days. The Know Your Customer or Anti Money Laundry policy is stringent to keep the trading environment safe.

24/7 customer support: The SynchroBit trading platform is built around the customers. Utmost attention and support are provided to empower users. The platform has several facilities and services for providing live support for users 24/7. The impressive customer support is possible through online chats, ticketing systems, toll-free numbers, multilingual call centers, and well-trained agents. The agents are trained to provide rapid and instant response.

Customer training: SynchroBit introduced the Customer Training Program (CTP) to empower users with skills and trading materials. It is a long term program associated with academic centers and financial instructors from different parts of the world.

Reliable performance analysis: For profitable trading, traders and users need an accurate understanding of the market indices. They need to know the consequence, implications, and the cause of their market performances. On the SynchroBit's user dashboard, there is the performance analysis section. It shows profitability index and ROI analysis. It also compares performances to other users for better insights.

Smart technology: SynchroBit utilizes AI technology to provide data analytics and accurate forecasts. With this technology, traders can adequately analyze market indicators and exchanges. It gives users an edge in facing a high level of uncertainty associated with the market.

Trade simulation: The trade simulation feature creates a virtual space for users to initiate different trading strategies. The simulation helps users to observe the effects of these strategies and scenarios. Users will also have the capacity to develop market trends. This feature will become fully available in 2020.

Social trading: Following market trends and analyzing indices can be very time-consuming. The platform provides social trading to relieve users from some of these stresses. Users can now copy and replicate the trades of experts for themselves. Social trading saves time and also minimizes risk since the trade is from experienced and professional traders. In the social trading feature, there are two basic parties. These are the Lead-makers and the Lead-takers. Lead-makers are users that allow other users to clone their trading activities, whereas Lead-takers are the users that copy other user's portfolios.


SynchroBit's primary objective is to create a very efficient and user-friendly trading platform. SynchroBit and the full SYNCHRONIUM ecosystem provide fast, affordable, diverse, and smart trading for users. Its decentralized nature makes it capable of withstanding a massive number of users. More features are included in the new versions to improve the reliability of the solutions continuously provided.

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Whitepaper: https://snbtoken.io/images/wp.pdf
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Twitter: https://twitter.com/SynchroniumLtd
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/synchrobit.exchange

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