In some ways, some enterprises seem to have lost independence once they solicit the services of auditors. Actually, this normally shouldn't jeopardize their independence in any way but this is one of the things that has made so many system disregard auditing as part of their activities. Also auditors have been found actively involved insurance malpractices due to the level of capabilities they have which is not what is expected. In a way this problem can be conquered to make auditors more committed to their operations while the process is also enhanced with the use of the AUDITCHAIN platform. This will help elimate so many default in many enterprises such that they become independent from fraud and other form of errors.


This program projects auditing function in the decentralised network for the improved performance of companies lacking audit infrastructures. It serve as a powerful to with dynamic solutions to the commercial sector with great access to realtime reports that should serve stock exchanges. This platform brings about a perfect method of securing users data, assets and also providing them with a suitable way of controlling their data. The help of the ERC-20 token helps to propel the platform towards perfection, about 250 million of the token are issued as the network is created and that makes a part of the structure. AUDT token was lauched to form a part of the ecosystem to grow the system through different phase as that provides a secure network. It offers benefits to the different ecommerce companies and provide the perfect model for them all. The environment is very conducive for all companies adopting it through the action of the decentralised consensus. High level of real-time financing makes participants benefit from the financial reporting and that brings about full transparency in their operations any time they are initiated in the digital ledger.


To all businesd owners in this platform, there are certain advantages they have in the AUDITCHAIN network of which the first advantage will be that all the financiaI consultants in the platform will have access to services and any data with full protection. They will have access to low cost services with full security in all their activities.

It allows them to pay off any outstanding debts with the ease of payment of this platform. The users will also be able to make continuous transactions and benefit operators in all they do. All these will be done at any time for the users well positioned for these benefits in the system. Business owners will gain more control to take financiaI decisions on their own without any assistance. Using assets will be based on how they want it to be and not just the way any financiaI experts advise them to.


Benefits will reach every users as a part of the program. This is a very necessary aspect to be enjoyed by everyone taking part in this platform. The platform itself will stay in charge of any findings to be made by users and fulfil that for them to prevent waste of time. To all those in need of a financiaI report, they will be given direct access to all the reports they might need to improve their operation and safe them from any form of stress or difficulties. This however secures their transactions and give them access to quality infrastructures they need to take advantage of the digital ledger innovation to prevent data loss permanently.


The project has an AUDT token which is one of the protocols to enhance the operations of users and the connection they have with the platform. It will become a great tool for rewarding them because some quantity has been issued for that purpose to be done annually as they users operate with it.

The token is ticked AUDT, an ERC-20 ethereum based coin for all users to be actively involved in all the activities in this platform. A total amount of 250 million token will be issued for all type of use and out of that, 100 million will be sold to the users to take part in any transaction and be free to access any of the features.



The main importance users will be proud of in this platform is the fact that it can provide self auditing services and can also provide self control in all its services. This will help them make necessary analysis about their businesses so as to quickly make amendments where necessary because this high level project will always give correct details about any type of data. The opportunity to use this platform is on for everyone to slide in and have a view of what this platform provides. Meanwhile, it is better to make self researches and evaluation of this project to be sure of all that has been said before investing.

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