The Game of Beauty and Life Contest this morning

Good morning, all my friends, today I will discuss my life, from sleeping to breaking the fast ... I am a Muslim, God willing, in the month of Ramadan I will fast.

Image by : @esteemtaqin

Image by : @esteemtaqin

on this occasion I will travel to the animal park and flower garden, to enjoy the fresh and cool air, because in the morning the air is still very good

Image by : @esteemtaqin

I am very happy with pets such as deer and donkeys .. I am now at the MEDAN INDONESIA animal park

Image by : @esteemtaqin

After playing in the zoo, I want to get some fresh air so that my lungs will be healthier and stronger and thank God I arrived at the sunflower garden

Image by : @esteemtaqi


I want to thank @abdulqayyum95857 as the founder and admin of this wonderful community. I am very happy to be here.
And I also thank my steemian friends who are willing to visit and read my posts. Your care and support means a lot to me.

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Image by : @esteemtaqin

Alhamdulillah so beautiful trip today, and I can play to the zoo and to the sunflower garden ... and now let's break the fast for Muslims around the world

Thank you to all colleagues who encouraged me to continue to be here. Best regards @taqin @muzack1 @joy-steem @masril @jcorner @klen.cevil @akmal1 @yusnaidi @fikar22

Greetings @esteemtaqin

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Dear your day is very beautiful and the flowers are also very beautiful and your photography is amazing. You doing a good job. Please keep it up.

11.05.2021 09:55

Thank you very much my friend

11.05.2021 10:02

We'll come buddy 🥰♥️

11.05.2021 10:28