@ngoenyi contest #8|| SHARE YOUR JOYS IN YOUR STEEMIT JOURNEY|| @essygold // 07/07/21


My name is Esther Nathan @essygold. I was born and brought up in Ohafia Abia State of Nigeria. I am currently living in Lagos State with my family and I do my business here.

I am just a happy and an easy going disciplined person. I hate distractions hence am focused at my Network Marketing business.

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It was early this year in March that my Junior sister @meymeyshops kept mentioning about Steemit Blockchain opportunity to me. I never listened to her because I thought it was like other programs around the town, so I didn't pay attention. But each time I call her she will say she's busy writing and making research. She also mentioned that she has started earning money from it seriously and yet I was never moved. The only thing I told her was to teach my second junior sister @goodspeed22 so she can at least learn it and start earning income too to keep running her day to day spendings. She agreed and got her signed up.

Later in mid April 2021 @goodspeed22 (my junior sister) visited me and expressed her joy over the amount of money she and her husband was paid. Amazing! That was the turning point for me. I asked her to show me how they are doing it. Already she too has been coming to me asking for some terms and names of one local plant or another that she too was writing articles. I then nicknamed her 'The Professor' with her husband because they just got committed at it.

Am interested in working at any legitimate venture that can yield income for me and my family. With all the aforementioned stories, I asked @meymeyshops to sign me up in May 18th 2021. Since then my life just changed.

With the new me, I am now more busier writing and making research up till late nights. Since I joined I have been following up in some of the trainings on Telegram in Steem Alive. I love education and so anything that can add more to my knowledge brings me joy. I have come to learn about so many funny names and Commentators who always congratulates me on each article I write and I have been reading different articles too within this community of users. I appreciate this Steemit opportunity.

After writing my Achievements 1 to 3 @meymeyshops encouraged me to participate in a Contest HEALTHY HOME MADE DRINK RECIPE,  in Steem Women's Club community. I obliged and started to do ZOBO Drink. This is one of my favorite drinks as I have been making and selling it in my shop, it's not going to be difficult for me to do I thought. I prepared it to the best with videos and write out all the ingredients used. But simply because I have not mastered fully how to use D.tube of Steemit for video production, my article could not get to the table of @ngoenyi for approval because I made a lot of mistakes in posting - tags, copy this people, sharing of the link, commenting etc. I keep on going back to my dear sister my Steemit mentor to coach me and editing this precious first article of mine. In fact it was so...I don't even know the word to use, that article arrived late and by then points have been awarded out already. To her @meymeyshops she felt pity for me but to me, it was just the beginning as a student in my Steemit career. I never regretted the outcome.

I remembered this 2 great quotes at this point:

"Don't give up, realise that there are endless possibilities waiting to be discovered"

"Our greatest glory is not in never failing but in rising every time we fail"


Presently, I have written 14 different articles including my Achievements 1 to 3. I can't believe this. Looking back at the beginning of May 2021 it wasn't in my diary of activities that I will suddenly turn and become the 'Professor' that I am today. Although I have been teaching people in other areas of life. The life I live now is more fulfilled as a new 'cap' has landed on my head. It's been awesome.

My journey has been greatly supported by @meymeyshops. She has been solidly behind me. She is never tired of my many questions. I cherish her support and may God bless her abundantly. @focusnow is another motivator. He, despite his busy schedules has never failed supporting and guiding me. Financially at the onset when I was learning D.tube, I needed to post my videos but the system was asking me to top up money so I can finish up my post submission. @focusnow just volunteered and credited my account with 30 Steem. He has not met me before and no dealings whatsoever with him anywhere. That love he showed me that time really moved me to go on and know that Steemit.com is a real venture for one to undertake.


What else can I do or say? There is no going back. It's forward ever. The dollars I earn weekly is one of my driving force. Since I know what to do to earn it, I am resolved to continue writing good contents. The day I participated in the Contest in Steem Women's Club community - LOCAL DRESS PROMOTION - that day was one great point of attraction to me because of my attire. Everyone in the street was just congratulating me and cheering me up because I was very beautifully dressed. People were asking me what are you celebrating? I only smiled and said it's STEEMIT.COM Contest. The next question was - what is Steemit? I explained to them all. Infact I was among the 11 winners selected that won that competition, I thank the Almighty Jehovah for that opportunity.

I have also shared my stories and pictures with my friends online and it's been - a waaoo. In fact I have a couple of friends about to sign up into Steemit.com.

This is one of the best things I did for myself since coming out of the Covid19 pandemic. Instead of complaining of cash, I am having the cash to spend from my Steemit opportunity earnings.

I want to appreciate all the people I have met within the Steemit Community, especially the top Leaders who are busy preparing Contests each week. There are all a source of blessings and happiness to the entire Steemians. I say more grease to their elbows.

I want to invite @jenny018 @drhira @cinthi28 @nellita66 to also subscribe to the Steemit Kids community and share their good articles.


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07.07.2021 15:03

On the move with success. Thanks

07.07.2021 19:32

A student usually have a tough time. Well done

07.07.2021 15:51

Thanks for your encouragement @favour216

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I will definitely do so. Thank you so much @bright-obias

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