Why is it worth betting on higher odds in esports ? part 1

In a nutshell. More course more chance that... you will lose less.

And so much more seriously. Courses are a bit of a reaction to what people play. It's a bit like playing on sentiments when someone is analyzing the stock market.

Here are often important factors that you can't see. Or the other way around. It's often seen but people insist that there is a favorite.

An example of a match for Counter-Strike esport game today - https://esporttalk.org/t/qi-banja-luka-pro100-vs-cph-flames-saturday-14-dec-2019-14-00/396 .

Only a little bit the other way around. Now the statistics say everything to play on pro100. But the odds are much higher. on CPH . Why? There are a lot of reasons for that, but in short .....

it's because in whatever form Barcelona wouldn't be. And even if it was playing without the Messi and half of the players. But most people will still put up in advance, blindly... no matter what odds it takes. That's the truth. And the other truth is that it's only the tip of the iceberg and I'll write more soon.

Don't think like the others. Think independently

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