Team WE vs LNG Esports // LPL - league of legends // 17.04

pick: Team WE (-1,5) @ 1.88

Generally, I was supposed to play yesterday. Today the odds are lower but the handicap is worth the risk. Don't play clean "1" because the odds are low. But it's interesting to win LNG alone because it's 4.33 in 1xbet, but I'm not going to risk it much (currently for 1/3 of what I play on 1(-1.5) (for the initiated).

The LNG has faced FPX, RNG and EDG in its last three series. FPX and EDG play similarly to Team WE so we can get a little closer to the race of today's game. LNG is a bit of a predictable team hoping to scale frequently for passive waiting without doing many proactive things on the map. LNG have one of the highest margins of defeat in LPL. 7 of their last 9 losses were double-digit.

People love the Team World Elite for DFS. World Elite have a few big wins and a lot of relatively fast killings also with strong rivals. like in the match with eStar and IG. It is worth noting that WE has the highest AMOV in LPL, which reaches almost 14.

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