Rapid Attraction Notes by David Snyder

1\. Your Body Controls Your Emotions! (CONTROL YOUR STATE!)

• "When your body in position (positive) and you hold for 2 minutes... your emotional state changes." ~ Amanda Cuddy (e.g. Victory Posture)

• Every physiological position our body takes there's an emotional counterpart. (Our body can trigger emotional states)

• If you have that positive emotional state... it will be infectious and it will attract the same people to you...

• Start from the body, then activate the emotions and the people you interact with will come up with their own reasons for liking you!

2\. Positive Eye-Contact.

\* Look and get an Eye-Contact!

\* Your eyes "wrinkle up!"

\* Then you smile from your mouth.

Mouth + eyes are how you give genuine smile... and positive eye-contact!

3\. Three Magic Questions! (3MQ)

Ask an "Open-Ended Question" about...

\* Location/Occasion

\* Career/Passion (Creates Attraction, Values & Criteria, Bail Out)

\* Childhood Memories

• You want them "outside of their heads" and "dissociated" into the present moment now with us!

• "Softening the Questions". Telling the person WHY we are about to ask them, what we are about to ask them. ("WHY" then "Ask Questions") Do this and soften as you (closely) approach them.

• Being seductive (without being creepy):

▪ Relax your jaw.

▪ Be asymmetrical (your body) as approach them. It signals eroticism.

• "I got to KNOW HER and UNDERSTAND HER better than anybody she ever knew! And I communicated to her in such a way that she recognizes it, she felt seen, she felt validated! If... YOU PAID ATTENTION!" ~ David Snyder

• What women will say is "I need a man that gets me!'

• "If a man can communicate in such a way that she perceives that he is being influenced by her good intentions, the marriage makes it."

• "If she perceives he gets where she's coming from and gives her that understanding. The marriage makes it."

• When you listen and interact with a woman (especially when they're emotionally upset):

 ▪ Don't try to fix their problems! (they're smart enough to fix their problems!)

 ▪ Just stand there and be slimed!

 ▪ Because... they need to vent and express themselves (i.e. emotional off-load on you) because that's how they share stories... to bond! She's looking for a way to connect!

 ▪ And then... they'll be happy as a clam and you'll be the hero!

4\. Echo Technique

• The "fastest way to CONNECT"...

 ▪ Whatever "WORDS" she uses to describe "HER FEELINGS", to describe "HER EXPERIENCE"...

 ▪ When you talk to her... "USE THOSE WORDS!"


 ▪ And "THESE WORDS" are the direct representation of the structure of how you think, is connected to "YOUR IDENTITY", and to your emotions connected to values (VALUES & CRITERIA). Your values are the building blocks of your Identity.

 ▪ These "VALUES" are the "FEELING STATES" and the "WORDS" that you use to define what is acceptable and not acceptable. What's ideal and not ideal in your life.

▪ If you want somebody to become attracted to you... get them to see the parts they were most about themselves... in you! (ATTRACTION!)

▪ If we "LIKE WHAT WE SEE" our "PUPILS DILATE!" Look for it in a woman you interact with!

5\. Childhood Memories

Ask an open-ended question with any of these...

\* "Tell me where did you grow up?"

\* "Who are your friends?"

\* "What did you play at?"

• The structure of love is... "SHARE EMOTIONAL EXPERIENCE THRU TIME!"

• All "Emotional States" are "The Trance States". "TRANCE" is a combination of two factors, "ABSORPTION" and "FOCUS". The more absorb and the focus you become, the more deeply into trance you are.

• Anytime a person delves into a "memory"... they're in a "trance".

• "The most important thing" that happened to us... "happened in childhood".

☆Use the childhood memories questions, ONLY if you have real personal feelings for the woman you interact with!☆

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