The Important & Best Moment Of My life (Contest By Vvarishayy)



**That stint when a girl decides to devote her life away to somebody who emerges to rule her heart. Yes, you got me right! The distinguished and prime was the moment of my life when the man of my dreams commenced my life silently and made me to surrender myself to him💗


It was january 2016 when we both saw each other for the first time when our proposal was sent out to each other's parents. That was the most saddest part of my life too because i lost my mother just before i got engaged. After 16 days of my mother's death i got engaged to him when my dad accepted and approved the proposal. It was a bittersweet moment, the loss i took over my head; my mother wasn't there for me to celebrate my biggest day. On the other hand i got myself allied to my better half forever till death could do both of us part and until our souls could meet again in the aura of hnceforth.



Our marriage was fixed right after 8 months of engagement. Those were beautiful foggy days after fall and cold windy days when the noteworthy day arrived. I was sitting in my bespoke nupital dress awaiting him and to see him for the first time. The moment of symphonies, roses and love bells ringing💞🥀. He took me with him forever💗💞. We travelled along each other for 6 hours until we reach our home.home.



This poem below is written by me and it first appeared here

The holy waters we drank together🥀

The sun with gold we got soaked in together🥀

The highlights of moon we saw together🥀

The springs of love we spree together🥀

The holy bask of your love infinite🥀

The enough reason of me being alive🥀

The love of us can paint the town red🥀

Your eyes shining mosaic of my being🥀

Your love makes me solemnize life🥀

You call my name and it echoes around🥀

Your owning up of me being yours🥀

You make me stepping onto the skies🥀

Your promises make me glorify your presence🥀

Your smile is my jar of happiness🥀

So lets count the rains together forever🥀

So lets peep into the stars together forever🥀

So lets inhale the holy fragrance of love together forever🤔

So be with me starring the skies tonight and forever🥀

So that we no more stay apart ever🥀





This poem below is also written by me and first appeared here



Lets run away🌌

And escape into the blue hues🌌

The hues of the ocean🌌

The hues of the sky in slumber🌌

The hues of rain pre pouring down🌌

And stay there until🌌

The feet meet the gleet.🌌

Lets run away🌌

And escape into the lavender hues🌌

The hues of assortments🌌

The hues of the sky in crisp🌌

The hues of songs sung🌌

And those floating there🌌

Until heat beat the vault.🌌

Lets run away🌌

And escape into the cotton candy hues🌌

The hues of love getting high🌌

The hues of blossom rain🌌

The hues of angels' domain🌌

And watch them nurturing fountain🌌

Until fountain rain the grain.🌌



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Wow I loved your writing style ❤️
May you be happy forever with your better half ameen.
Thank you for your participation.
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17.04.2021 09:24

Thankyou so much dear💞 Ameen for your precious words💗

17.04.2021 09:28

I see you haven't put the link of your entry in the contest post.
It's the rule. If you are not getting my point let me know. I'll help you out.

18.04.2021 16:21

Done :)

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