ESBC NEWS Part 3 (Marketing)

Another week here! And this time, as we promised, we are going to talk a little about the #Marketing that was carried out to #promote #ESBC to the world.


You have to know that this work is constant, and that it has not only been working since the beginning of this year, its something that has been done since the first day of the project.


We have stayed in close contact with all of our exchanges, adding new ones whenever was possible.
Some of our most important exchanges are:
Midas Exchange

There are just a few of them. You can see a full list on our Discord Server & Official Website. Thanks to the impact that this relationship generates, attracting interest in the #project to new #holders due to our exposure, we were at the #top 5 for long periods of time as the project with the highest volume in any of these exchanges.
We analyze activities that help us to further improve commerce within exchanges, such as #trading competitions and others.

Are there plans to add us to more exchanges?

The answer is yes! We are just waiting for the right opportunity for this, proposals, and to raise the capital that such action may require. Due to these factors, this could take some time...

Shared #Masternodes and #Staking platform services:

We have also worked to promote the project by adhering to practically all staking service platforms and shared masternodes, masternode hosting services and VPS services for the same utility ... This in order to, in addition to giving them all the comforts and tools to our holders, generate exposure, traffic, and therefore new opportunities in all possible aspects.
Some of these services are the following: EvoNodes, Stack Of Stake, Trittium, p2p Platform, iHostMN, Flits, Midas, Simple Pos Pool, StakeCube, ProMineros, and too many others! U can see the complete list also in our Discord Server.

Other Partners

In all this time we have also achieved excellent relationships with people dedicated to marketing, individuals, companies, youtubers, writers, and influencers with whom we have worked and grown a lot together, creating written, graphics designs and video content, promoting the project on all social networks and cryptocurrency forums ...
Some of them are:
St. Ledger Marketing
QueenCristalla - Instagram Influencer
CryptoTube - Youtuber
Censed - Twitter Influencer
Vella - Twitter Influencer

Internal work

Individually we have created:

-Huge amount of events, bounties, giveaways, and trivia in exchange for rewards, to attract new users to discord, incentivize the community to bet on our BETTING PLATFORM, and generate more impression and exposure in every corner of the web.

-ESBC rewards, to those who created valuable content about our project

-We have invested in promoting ourselves on social networks with their own tools.

-We created a "FreeBet" code system to offer free bets periodically Using them in our betting platform.

-We have embellished the official website, and the platform, to generate a better impact on visitors.

-And we add #Doge as a coin to bet in our betting platform to open the door to new users of different projects (will be more coins in the future).

Everything mentioned above is unstoppable work of marketing to reach more holders, bettors, to enlarge the community.. we will continue with all this in the next year, and we will create new tools to promote ourselves like our new FreeBet system, making articles of high quality content , developing the platform to generate more inclusion, continuing with current events and creating new ones, seeking opportunities to list ESBC on exchanges and masternode-staking services, promoting activity on social networks to gain exposure, keep active the current community, and promote as a priority the betting platform.
These are some of the things we have done, and what we will do going forward with regards to marketing...

We want to thank each person who is part of this, and we hope that they continue with us in this growth!

Do you think it can be improved? Do you have ideas or suggestions? Would you like to participate in these events? Do you want to learn how to bet with ESBC? Do you want free codes to bet? Wait no more and join to our Discord Server

Remember use the FreeBet Code "GantzCode" to make a free bet in our Betting PlatformHow to reedem the code? Check our Tutorial About Freebet Codes!!!

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