Splinterlands special Steem Power Up promotion - get 10% of your purchase back in SP - CONFIRMED!

@splinterlands says:

For every purchase of Untamed Booster Packs, Potions, or Gift Cards, you will receive 10% back in the form of STEEM POWER! (Promo code purchases excluded).

And YES, Booster Pack purchases made with Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) are included!

Is this offer tempting enough for you? Will you jump in and buy some packs or potions?

When my math is right then ...

Purchasing one pack worth $2 will get you $0.2 in Steem Power. Correct?

Let's try it out, just for fun.

One pack is worth 8.841 STeem

The pack purchased

Now, let's wait and see how and when will my Steem power be powered up by approximately 0.8841 Steem Power.

Well, this was quick.

Immediate, in fact

Better and better

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